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Xenelith was a very muscular dark elven man. His skin was an ash-white color and his hair was black but it turned ashen from the tip. His eyes were a crimson red color.

As a Dark Elf, Xenelith worea heavy fur-trimmed, black cloak. The fur, however, was not from some small critter like others would have it. The deep, grey, shaggy hide came from one of Baka's more dreadful predators. Woven into the cloak was the teeth of all kinds of prey he hunted. Underneath it, he wore a heavy cuirass with little adornings. Around his arms and hands, he had white bandages. The heavy black leather boots allowed him to traverse anything from mountains to a swamp. Around his neck hung an old shamanic totem. An indication of his status as Second Born. He did have more casual clothing, a red-trimmed black tunic. However, he only wore it when he knew there was no danger and those times were coming to an end. Tucked away around his neck, hanging from a single cord and hidden by the totem was a single, gold band with inscriptions on it: 'Forever yours'.



⋆ Hunting

⋆ Dark Magic

⋆ Dead enemies

* Winter-wine

* Raging storms

* His own Companions


⋆ Cowards

⋆ Weaklings

⋆ Chatty people

* Incompetence

* Light Elves and Humans


⋆ Death by fire

⋆ Falling in love

⋆ Failing Aklenroth




Many mistake Xenelith for being an introvert. This was not entirely true. He simply had a firm distaste for the political bickering and veiled threats the Dark Elves so commonly flung about. Amongst his friends, he would almost seem talkative if he drank enough Winter-Wine. Never the less, Xenelith has cherished his fair shwas of lonely nights. For a Dark Elf, he was surprisingly capable at sharing food, tools and other things. However, when it came to magic power and knowledge, he jealously guarded that against even his closest friends. To those that he knew, Xenelith would almost look kind and forgiving from time to time. Make no mistake though, his enemies would see him as nothing but vile and terrible. A ruthless and pragmatic person. he would not hesitate to kill you if he saw no more value in you. But never underestimate his capacity for cruelty. Resist his persuasion and you may not see yourself tortured but your kin. There was only a handful of people and animals he would give his life for. Those trusted few know it. Others would know that he'll rather toss them into the sea than jump himself.

For the most part, Xenelith was a very calm person. His temper would flare from time to time but he'd quickly gain control of it again. If incompetence was not involved he would look patient and forgiving. After all, failure was a part of life. Why kill a loyal subject when you can train them to be better? It was that patience that made him so dangerous. He can lay in the snow for a week, waiting for something to spring his trap. Because that's where he was . In the middle of hostile territory. Or in the vanguard force of any army. For a Dark Elf, Xenelith was surprisingly and exceptionally brave. As a trained warrior, hunter and dark wizard there was few things that make him nervous or slow his fast reaction speed.

Xenelith was a dreadfully clever bastard. Many would say that he was Aklenroth's most effective hunter and an exceptionally talented dark wizard. Through observation, he would often spot things that others missed. This makes him one of the most dangerous agents of the Lich. Sadly, when it comes to charisma, he had very little. His brave acts might have inspired his fellows but he sucked at speeches. There was also not a humorous bone in his body. The man was as strict, disciplined and unyielding as they come. This gave him an unparalleled drive. When given a prey he would not sleep, rest or slow down until its dead or captured. Pray, for your own sake, that he murders you.



Manhunter and Commander of Aklenroth

Current and Past Lover(s):

  • Mirria (former, deceased)


Dark Elf society was a strange amalgamation of strict traditions and loyalless treachery. Xenelith was a Second Born. By law and right, he was offered up to the service of the Great Lich. His house was expected to raise him and turn him into a proper warrior. So he may be of use. That was how his early life began. Amid snow and dark, long shadows. When he was old enough to stand he was old enough to train. Growing up amongst his particular kind of Dark Elves was not a pleasant experience. Food was scarcer in those northern, colder lands. Half the time he has to come by with scraps. If you want more food, you catch it yourself. The bigger you were, the more you can bully the others and take what they got. Xenelith was the biggest and worst of his age. At first, he greedily took everything from the others. But when fish began to rot (and after his father made painfully clear how wrong that was ) he realized that having so much excess was utterly useless. So instead he began to shwas his food. This was not something most would do. This spark of kindness in an austere world created a bond of loyalty between him and others.

When he became an adult he got marked for Aklenroth and given over to his legion’s commanders. Together with the others that rose up with him. Forming a tight unit, Xenelith and his companions scoured the rest of Avalia. They were remarkable but Xenelith above all was exceptional. In the wild, he made traps and hounded his prey like it was his instinct. In a city, he was quick and ruthless. Under his gaze houses burned and humans were murdered. He was so effective at it that he got what most Dark Elves could only dream off: absolute autonomy. He was allowed to run out into the world on his own, following his own commands. When orders came in he would have to follow them through. Praise didn’t stop there. Seeing the effectiveness of his unit as a whole, he ascended to the rank of Commander himself. Though when that news came through, Xenelith was still in the wild. Hunting humans or those who’d help them. He still has to return to his birth was land to claim his right as Commander and lead one of Aklenroth’s legions into Avalia. But even into the wild woods, far beyond what he considered enemy lines he couldsmell the war in the air.

Avalia 1

Xenelith led forces after Risa Millinia after finding her with her friends Dionaea Sycamore and Kyran Vulpus saving Jean Luc. Eventually, he met his end at the Grand Roshmi Ball, eaten by a demon.

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ Exceptionally, physically strong. He can lift weights few others can.

⋆ Self-destructive levels of endurance

⋆ A talented swordfighter

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ He moves quite a bit slower than most of his kin

⋆ he can't climb up vertically (like up trees)

⋆ Archery was nothing for him

Additional Information

  • His best ability was erebokinesis, especially the ability to create and throw dark energy.
  • There was one companion that managed to somehow get closer to Xenelith than any other. While he has no quarrels working alone, he generally invited her with him on his task. However, she was revealed to be a traitor. The evidence against her was as solid as it could come. With several testimonials to boot. Eventually, she admitted and confessed, after Xenelith was willing to testify in her favor (but also lying in an attempt to get her out). As this would surely mean he would endanger him. She died a week later. Xenelith was a broken husk for a year. Utterly unable to do anything. However, when he returned to the field he was more ruthless and cruel than any of his peers. These traits allowed him to ascend the ranks as fast as he did.
  • He had four black Daka wolves as companions named Relivan, Ulivan, Herivan, Mechrivan.
  • He had a big, grey raven named Mourn.
  • He also had a large, black panther like cat named Ferra that he uses as a steed.
  • Xenelith was 156 years old.