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Known winter fairies: Bowyn Elmwood

The first winter fairy was born around 900 years ago. Even to this day, members of each kingdom will claim credit for bringing their wonderful ice affinity brethren to the world that is Avalia.

When first discovered, winter fairies were viewed as blessings, not blights. Remember, these are fairies, not elves, so they were much kinder to the difference. The reception of this new breed of fairy did not come without its problems. Unlike most fairies that rarely ventured far from wherever they considered their domain, many winter fairies all ventured away from their homes and always to the north. It was later found that winter fairies that fought against their urge to leave the warm climates of the River Kingdom lived significantly shorter lives than those that ventured away.

Over time, fewer and fewer fairies were born from the River Kingdoms, almost as if the lineage had been completely removed from both fairylands. It was then that only winter fairies were able to produce their offspring. With the migration north also came danger. Many winter fairies found themselves in the wilderness ruled by deadly beasts or subjected to poaching and slavery due to their rarity. It was only natural for a group of winter fairies to start developing their own settlement deep within the northern forests.

Their numbers were small enough that they could keep their settlement hidden, and they were organized enough to prosper and protect themselves. Few will spot a winter fairy in their lifetime, even in the north, but even fewer know the location of their settlement. Like their forest brethren, winter fairies rarely leave their domain and this is what keeps them both hidden and protected. Winter fairies are mostly desired for their ice magic, one of the rarest elements to be harnessed in Avalia.

Unnamed Winter Fairy Settlement


The winter fairy settlement is a very tight-knit village and there is no class system. Winter fairies look out for each other and make sure everyone is well cared for. Their population is around 5,000. They are able to flourish in the cold and have no problem with it. They have become experts in gathering food and hunting in their community. People live in around the same size homes. The law made is that the bigger the family you have, the bigger the homemade. If people need a bigger home, everyone pitches in to help them make a bigger home for their family. There is a small government of 20 fairies elected who lead the community.



This ability is exclusive to Winter Fairies.


  • Winter fairies can create and manipulate ice at will. This works best in cold environments.

They can form snow, hail and other types of ice.

  • Fairies can use ice as an offensive tool, sending shards or any form of ice at an enemy
  • Ice can be used to create a barrier or a structure.


  • Users can only manipulate water frozen in its solid-state
  • Creating blizzards and large-scale weather occurrences is a draining and difficult task.


All fairies can perform this. Dark fairies perform this to a lesser degree.


  • Fairies can understand the speech of animals with practice and focus. They are able to telepathically communicate with them, magically translating the animal's speech into English and vice versa for the animal.


  • They cannot communicate out loud. The animals do not actually know English.
  • Just because a fairy can speak to an animal and has a natural tendency for charisma with animals, does not mean every animal will wish to speak to them or like them


All fairies can perform this, but dark elves perform it to a lesser degree and strength.


  • Fairies can regenerate the cells over wounds, burns and reconnect broken bones for themselves or another. Some illnesses can be healed.


  • Complex, terminal illness requires very skilled healers. This goes for very complex injuries and those with many critical injuries. Death cannot be reversed
  • Healing needs time to cool down as it is draining for the fairy. Overhealing can kill a fairy. The more skilled the healer, the less of a cool-down and the more healing a fairy can do.
  • Dark fairies cannot heal any critical injury or illness. They also require contact with the subject in order to succeed. Their healing is weakened.


  • All fairies are weakened by contact with iron.
  • Dark fairies are weakened by contact with iron and silver.
  • Healing can drain fairies to even death.
  • Overusing any ability can drain a fairy as well, but healing has a much more detrimental effect.
  • Fairies can be killed by most things humans can.
  • Forest fairies cannot use ice magic or dark magic, and winter fairies cannot use plant magic, and neither can use dark magic while the dark fairies cannot use ice magic.
  • Dark fairies cannot use healing to the same extent as the other two because of the negative energy that surrounds them.