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Utsuro is a Shikigami of Sakura. Utsuro is as silent and deadly as the night. It serves as the messenger of all the Shikigami as its abilities allow him to communicate with anyone even from afar. Utsuro is one of the most loyal towards its Master and it makes sure that it always fulfills its mission without fail. Lacking the ability to speak on its own, it can use others to become its channel for it to speak through them. It slowly absorbs the channel's lifeforce but Utsuro can quicken it so that its channel can suffer tremendous pain as well. Utsuro has the ability to absorb all kinds of magic that are cast on him and near him. He can also exude a black mist that covers a limited area around him in darkness and also cancels out any of its enemies' voices within the mist.
In battle, Utsuro likes to trick its opponents by engulfing everything in its dark mist. It will lunge at them with sharp claws and fangs when their defenses are down. Magic is useless against it which is why his enemies would have to be far away from him for them to conjure spells or face it head-on in complete darkness. Its bat physiology allows it to see well through the dark and pick up the faintest of sounds with its large ears. A drawback is that Utsuro can only turn someone into its channel if they are unconscious and the only way to negate it is to awaken the channel.

Magic & Abilities

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