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Terneus is built like you would imagine a male elf to be built, on the slender side yet not overly slender. He has pale skin and silvery white hair that is medium-short in length. His eyes are an icy blue color.

Finely tailored elven garments suitable for a king, his attire is mainly white and red, with silvery metal decorations to it. He prefers to dress in clothing which increases his shoulder width and emphasizes his stature and beauty.

His overall wardrobe seems like the clothes were just made the day before.



⋆ Himself and his own achievements ⋆ Flattery ⋆ Purity


⋆ Unclean things ⋆ When people fail to live up to his expectations ⋆ Getting dirtied


⋆ Disfigurement ⋆ Being taken captive ⋆ His magic becoming ineffective




⋆ Terneus speaks when he considers that others have a great need of hearing what brilliant things he has to say. ⋆ He justifies all things he does is for the sake of his elven brethren and also believes in it himself, but he is ultimately selfish and desires to achieve greatness at the expense of not only his enemies but his allies too. ⋆ Terneus is as mean as mean goes, he seldom displays kindness. If he does, then it is a very good reason to be scared, because then you have something which he desires. ⋆ He would never consider saving anyone else before himself. To him, his own survival comes first and foremost.

⋆ Terneus likes to view himself as a calm and collected person, but in reality he is fierce tempered and prone to outrages, sometimes over the smallest of things. ⋆ Despite his temper, he is patient when it comes to biding his time and dealing with individuals he does not like. Especially if they outnumber him heavily or are, gods forbid... more powerful. ⋆ Terneus likes to uphold himself as a honorable, brave and righteous champion. But in reality he makes good use of underhanded tactics as long as he can explain it away. He will never use poisons however. ⋆ He gets only nervous when there's creatures nearby which may pose a threat to his life. But overall he is very arrogant and looks down on people. ⋆ While not being quick at running, he is quick at reacting to things. Usually by yelling or showing his displeasure to unpleasant surprises by violently unleashing his magic in retaliation.

⋆ In Terneus world, he is the most intelligent of all. When it comes down to it, he is quite cunning but not to the degree he seems to think. ⋆ He believes his own face to be the most beautiful thing in the world, those who are not fascinated by his appearance or words are just blind as far as hes concerned. In reality he is not overly bad as a leader, but his subjects are not destined to live long and healthy lives. ⋆ Terneus may laugh to himself in a very unbearable way to things which are not generally funny to anyone else. If he says a joke himself, he will of course laugh at it and expect others to do so as well. Or else. ⋆ He is very deranged. ⋆ Terneus may appear as a very lazy individual, but he does in fact possess an excessive amount of energy. Which he generally keeps in reserve for his outbursts and fights.



Governor of the light elves

Current and Past Lover(s):

  • Himself

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ Able to significantly increase the power output in his magic. ⋆ Very low strain from using his own magic ⋆ Unconventional fighting expert (Uses a large steel mirror for combat)

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ Inability to disguise himself by mundane means. Everyone knows who he is. For better or worse. ⋆ Easily encumbered, cannot carry others or heavier things. ⋆ Terrible runner.

Additional Information

  • His best skill is photokinesis.
  • Terneus is 776 years old.