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Sun Elf Kingdom

This is a prosperous elf community that is very into trade and prospering careers in many sciences and engineering. It grew from a village to almost an entire kingdom. They have amazing technological advancements such as the rift opener. It has a population of 600,000. 

Law System

Light Elf Law is very strict.

  • Do not kill --> Punishable by death
  • Do not steal --> 6 months to 5 years in the dungeon depending on how expensive the item
  • Do not slander the royals --> 1 year in the dungeon
  • Do not rape --> Punishable by death
  • Do not destroy property --> 6 months in the dungeon
  • Do not trespass --> 3 months in the dungeon, if trespassing at the castle then 1 year in the dungeon.
  • Listen to the illumination or else --> Varies from fines to dungeon time.

The Illumination

These are trained members of Light Elf Army who are tasked with patrol and law enforcement. They do not have much patience and are not to be messed around with.

The Royal Family

The Birens have been the ruling family for as long as elves can remember.

King Kymil Biren

  • Age: 1,350
  • Gender: Male
  • Brief Personality: Kymil is serious and wise. He gives a bit of tough love towards his children and has a more traditional sense of things.

Queen Renna Biren

  • Age: 1,334
  • Gender: Female
  • Brief Personality: Renna is kind and loving toward her children. She is always worried about their safety and has become overprotective of her daughters since the loss of their son.

The Biren Offspring:

  • Princess Rosaria Biren
  • Princess Annya Biren
  • Prince Orias Biren

Points of Interest

Solaria Church:

Place of worship for the Solaris the Sun God

Aegnor Stonel Academy:

A huge school that teaches boys and girls from toddlers to teenagers about various subjects, having the option to hone in on magic or not.

Higher Education Hall:

Those who graduate Aegnor Stonel can further their academics here. Living spaces are available to students.

Luminara Photokinesis School:

Elves can learn to master their photokinetic abilities here. There are training grounds as well. It is not as extensive as the Moon Elf Village's training schools.

Soldier Training Grounds:

On the outskirts, there are a decent amount of soldier-training areas to teach elves how to use weapons along with small housing accommodations. Their defense is not as heavy as Moon Elf Village.


There are about three hospitals total in the village. One in each of the class areas.



This is where the royal family stays. It is very nicely furnished and decorated. Servants can be seen going in and out often.

Middle Class Housing:

In the area near the castle, there are restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. There are also relatively nice apartments to live in. The buildings are made with care as seen here:

Lower Class Housing:

There are cottages more toward the outskirts of town that are established near small markets and small amounts of farmland.


The Oak Tree - A friendly bar and restaurant in the middle- class district of where all go to have a good time. Ievos is the bartender. He's pretty nice to talk to and he is very patient. He flirts with men and women a lot.

The Family Cottage - This is a family restaurant in the lower class area of . The food is decent and the prices super cheap.

Fire- This is an expensive bar and restaurant in the upper-class area of . There are a lot of meaty dishes. Shiera is a bodyguard and Danarose is the name of the moody barmaid.

Tilmo's Baked Goods- Tilmo's bakery in the Sun Elf Kingdom is known for having amazing baked goods. The genius himself is over 900 years old and made no moves to retain his youth. He is not the prettiest of elves and he is kinda grumpy, but his food is delightful.