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Soruklithbaal is Aklenroth's Dracolich, and possibly his most devastating asset within his ranks. The dragon has willingly chosen undeath alongside his master, becoming the most terrifying creature to soar across the skies of Avalia. His blue flames are not just for show as they reach much higher temperatures than most with an affinity for fire. His undeath grants him the ability of magic-induced flight as well as having his bodily functions driven purely by magic. Within his skeletal form is his raging blue flame that seeps between his bones to burn those who get too close.

Soruklithbaal of the Blue Flame

Once upon a time, Soruklithbaal was a terrifying red dragon that had been tamed and bonded with Aklenroth before he had turned to undeath. Even in life, he had built quite a reputation, with his most notable feat being his ability to spew blue flames that gave him his title.

Unlike the other undead of Aklenroth's army, Soruklithbaal willingly accepted undeath and became a powerful Dracolich.

Before becoming a dracolich