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There are three types of Amas in Avalia which go as follows

  • Silver Amas- 1
  • Gold Amas- 10
  • Platinum Amas- 50
  • 1,000,000 = 1,000

Can cut coins in half for half values

Potion Shop

  • Small Red Potions - Heal minor wounds - 1 Ama per potion
  • Small Blue Potions - Regain a 1/4 of mana - 3 Ama per potion
  • Medium Red Potions - Heal one or two shallow open wounds, cure headaches and ease aches/ pains, aid colds and minor illnesses - 3 Amas per potion
  • Medium Blue Potions - Regain 1/2 of mana - 5 Amas per potion
  • Large Red Potions - Heal one deep wound, heal concussions, double the speed of broken bone healing (8 weeks to 4 weeks) - 6 Amas per potion
  • Large Blue Potions - Regain 3/4 of mana - 8 Amas per potion
  • Purple Potions - Heal minor wounds/illness & 1/4 of mana - 5 Amas per potion
  • Yellow Potions- Gain night vision for 12 hours - 8 Amas per potion
  • Pink Potions - Double your stamina for 2 hours but half it after the period - 5 Amas per potion
  • Black Potions - Magic Resistance doubled for 3 hours - 5 Amas per potion
  • Green Potion - Heals diseases and poisons - 14 Amas per potion

Gadgets and Conveniences Shop

  • Hoverboards - 500 amas
  • Jumping shoes - 200 amas
  • Zoomies - 300 amas
  • Pedaler - 600 amas
  • Portable Fira - 200 amas
  • Portable Cold Box (Think cooler) - 400 amas
  • Cooking pot - 5 amas
  • Location Senders - 400 amas
  • Portable Solar Box (Think PSP version) - 900 amas
  • Transmission Bracelet - 100 amas
  • Cast Spheres - One black and one white combo for 100 amas, each additional white sphere is 30 amas.
  • Memory Glass - Mirror 50 amas, 3D shape versions 130 amas
  • Teeth Cleanser - 5 amas
  • Hair Cleanser - 20 amas
  • Hair Softener(Think conditioner) - 20 amas
  • Body Cleanser(soap) - 2 amas
  • Hair Brush - 3 amas
  • Shower Tube - 30 amas
  • Armpit Fragrance - 5 amas
  • Birth Preventers - 2 amas
  • Eye Color Changer- 500 amas
  • Hair Color Changer - 500 amas
  • Timeteller (a watch) - 10 amas
  • Palm Warmers(put in gloves) - 5 amas
  • Darksight Glasses - 40 amas
  • Eye Protectors (sunglasses) - 2 amas
  • Water Purifier - 3 amas
  • Travel Shelter (Think tent, but square) - 100 amas
  • Portable bed (Like a sleeping bag, but thicker bottom to lay on) - 50 amas
  • Pillow 3 amas each
  • Blanket 10 amas
  • Wayfinder (compass) - 10 amas
  • Fire starter kit - 20 amas
  • Light maker - 5 amas
  • First Aid Kit- 10 amas
  • Lantern - 3 amas
  • Umbrella - 3 amas
  • Fishing pole - 10 amas
  • Net - 10 amas
  • Animal trap - 20 amas
  • Standard Backpack - 25 amas
  • Flask - 5 amas
  • Rope - 1 ama by the meter, 15 meters/50 feet for 15 amas

Enchantment Shop

A person can only hold/use three enchanted items with a max of two per one item, Trying to use a or enchant a fourth or higher amount will not work or it will act as a regular item.

Weapon Enchantments

Shift - 150 amas - The symbol of a different melee Weapon is etched into the grip of this weapon. This causes the weapon to instantaneously change from its current form to the type of weapon etched onto the grip or back again.

Returning - 200 amas -  If the item drops to the ground or you lose it,  you speak the command word "Return" and it will return to the user's hand.

Dancing - 800 amas - This allows the user to speak a command word and the weapon lifts from the user's hand and magically moves around attacking whatever it's users tells it. You have to be in a 10 feet range of the weapon and you can only do it for three attacks in a row.

Lighting - 50 amas - The weapon emits light in a 15ft radius; comes in different colors

Shockwave - 1200 amas - (Two-Handed weapons) The weapon will release a small shockwave on impact of 10 ft

Unbreaking - 600 amas - The weapon is enchanted and cannot break or become dull.

Barrier - 400 amas - (Shield) When you hit the shield on the ground it creates a 10 by 10 ft magical wall in front of you for 5 seconds 2 uses a day.

Aesthetic - 100 amas - Your weapon can be enchanted to showcase ability, be fluorescent, or sparkle, etc by request. Just describe the cosmetic look you would like to achieve. (Does not stack onto your number of 3 enchantments as it is only for looks.)

Armor Enchantments

Channeling Gloves - 100 amas - This enchantment is also cosmetic for the user's magic with fire/water/wind/light it will change the color of the energy and element the user produces. For earth it will put a colored aura around the rocks, dirt or sand. (Does not stack onto your number of 3 enchantments as it is only for looks.)

Strength - 300 amas - This enchantment on bracers or gloves will allow you to pick up heavier items without feeling any muscular strain. Can go up to 100 lbs before strain becomes noticeable.

Catching - 300 amas - Higher chance of catching an object flying toward you and of having a better grip on your weapon.

Armor of Absorption - 1000 amas - This will make a piece of armor absorb 3 magical attacks per day without harm to the wearer.

Armor of Deflection - 1000 amas - This will make a piece of armor deflect 3 physical attacks per day without harm to the wearer.

Ring Enchantments

Heat or Cold(Pick 1) Resistance(Temperature) - 800 amas -  You can endure a temperature extreme without damage.

Breathe Underwater - 800 amas - Breathe underwater without issue for an unlimited amount of time.

Beauty - 300 amas -  The wearer will become more attractive in appearance to those who lay their eyes on them.

Disguise - 600 amas - The wearer’s face will look different than reality to those who lay their eyes upon them.

Animal Charm - 300 amas - Animals will be more likely to be drawn toward you and enjoy your presence.

Levitation - 300 amas - Wearers can hover over the ground and levitate. However, you will not be able to move faster than walking speed while levitating.


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Sturdy Stables


Sturdy Stables is a chain of stables located just on outside of major cities. The stables are known for having dependable horses and fair prices. On rare occasions, they may have mountable creatures that are not of equestrian nature such as large cats, flightless birds, boars, reptiles, and others. These rare selections come at a higher price if they're available.

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Black Market

see Black Market

Style by the Sea

Clothing shop.png

This is a clothing store in River Port. It's not the cheapest, but it has varying styles and lots of sizing for all different species.

Art by Quinnyllada on Deviantart

Odds and Ends

This is a bargain market that is located in most every town. Anything and everything could be found from clothing to items, to potions half off. The clothing of those who died in battle nearby, loot from a kill, stuff found in a treasure and sold here... etc. There is no telling what you will find here.