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Roshmi City

Roshmi City is one of the most populated areas in all of Avalia. It is known for its amazing architecture and fun nightlife. Demi-humans are the main inhabitants here but there are sparing amounts of other races that dwell here out of choice. Its population is currently around 1 million.

The Royal Family

King Kasai Yoshikawa

Queen Yuna Yoshikawa


Princess Mikazuki Yoshikawa

Prince Itsuki Yoshikawa

Law System

  • No killing
  • No rape
  • No theft
  • No trespassing
  • No destruction of property

The Predators

These are the trained police force of Roshmi. They enforce and patrol.

Points of Interest

Political Center

Political Center

This is where the King and Queen meet with their advisors to meet to talk about the political affairs of the city. The board consisted of elected representatives from each species to help the King and Queen make choices.

City Plaza

Many of the main shopping areas reside here. It is located within the upper-class part of the city. This is close to the noble housing and political center. Upper-class restaurants, luxury hotels, and other expensive commercial establishments reside around this middle area. There is a large park in the middle called Abhiveer Park with paths and playgrounds for children. There are food stands as well. There are no blacksmiths or tailors. Instead, there are flat out clothing shops and weapon shops. All of the finest quality.

Roshmi City Plaza

Roshmi Greenhouse

This is a huge greenhouse in the upper districts of town that many come to visit in their free time. There are research facilities nearby this area as well.

Roshmi Greenhouse

Transport Centers

There are about three of these in Roshmi. The one pictured is the biggest one in the upper-class area. Many large Amoras and Heliuses come out of this center. People can come here to buy transport vehicles and mounts as well.

Roshmi Transport Center


There is an abundance of different universities, schools, and hospitals. There is no shortage.

Worship Temple


Lower Class Housing

Lower Class housing is still rather nice, but tending to be less situated amongst the commercial areas. There are a few taverns and bars here but they're a bit more rundown. There are usually small houses or apartments. Small shops exist but no large stores or restaurants. There are a lot of outdoor market events and because they're so on the outskirts of the city, this is where much of the farmland exists. They are closer to the port docks and have access to the ocean. The fishing industry blooms here. The lower class housing ranges in quality as there is a big range of just how lower class you are.

Middle Class Housing

People tend to live in apartments in high buildings. It is still a classy area, but not as luxurious and snobby as the upper-class. As you know, the middle class tends to be a large range so the type of housing you may find yourself can vary. There are taverns and bars in this area as well as decent restaurants, clothes shopping, tailors, blacksmiths and etc. There are even dancing rooms which can be compared to Earth's clubs; those who go there usually are out to have a good time or pursue romance. However, the tailors, blacksmiths, and potion shops in this area are of higher quality than in the lower class area. The middle-class area is located around the upper-class area in a surrounding loop.

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Upper Class Housing

These vary but seem to always hold beautiful architecture. There are many different noble areas in the center-part of the city. This may be due to the varying tastes of demi-human species.

Large 100 Ravnica Island.jpg

Black Market

In the underground, long underused tunnels of Roshmi, deep within with entrances located in lower-class sectors, there is an infamous black market where many dangers lie. Dark elves seem to turn a blind eye to the widespread slavery and other activity that goes on within here. It is dangerous and risky to enter inside. There are also underground fights that people place bets on.




The Leaky Tap Tavern and Inn - A middle-class bar and inn where many working-class fellows head to. It's kept quite nice and it isn't nearly as crazy as the Nest. The rooms ain't too bad either. Try the Warrior’s Whistle! Find Alatri working at the bar. He's rather soft-spoken and mysterious, but it's not hard to make him smile. The smell of meat kinda riles him up sometimes since he is indeed part wolf... Awooooooo

The Nest- A bar in the lower class of Roshmi that's very small and unfortunately a crime hot-spot.

Magnifica -An upper-class bar and dance room in Roshmi where professional musicians come to play instruments to get everyone partying! Drinks are quite pricey, the entrance has a fee of ten amas for males and free for females, but you may be turned away especially if you're not dressed well. The roof-top bar on top is exclusive and VIP. You need to be on the list to go up there.


Baelde's- A charming little restaurant that Risa adores in Roshmi. It's got a large assortment of foods to pick from and it's open 9am to 9pm! The chef is well known for being one of the friendliest in Roshmi. He is also a baker and has amazing baked goods on display

Night Lounge and Dining- This is situated in the upper class district. Downstairs has a a bar, an assortment of games, similar to pool as well as board games and bow-and-arrow games. There are also a few solar-boxes to play with. Upstairs is an exquisite restaurant with red velvet chairs to sit in. The food is exquisite and expensive. Seafood is popular here.


Mida's Sweet Smokes- Nearby the Night Lounge and Dining is a very interesting hookah lounge. Though upper-class, Mida likes to keep prices fair. Ten amas for a half hour. However, Avalians call it sweet smokes. They wouldn't understand if you call it hookah. Snacks and drinks can also be served.

Kalaza Arena

Roshmi Hall

Kalaza Arena - A large arena in Roshmi where many official battling sports occur in the day. In the night, concerts and dance performances sometimes occur here if they can clean up the mess in time.

Roshmi Grand Hall- An upper-class music hall in Roshmi that is stunning and holds ballets, plays, musical performances, and balls. It is very large so it is on the perimeter of Roshmi as opposed to other halls. The largest event hosted here is the quarterly Roshmi Grand Ball, celebrating each of the four seasons.


There are two known brothels in Roshmi. They go by Love Rooms and Love Lounge. Love Rooms is located in the lower class district and Love Lounge in the upper class.

Uma is the owner of the Love Lounge. She runs the show.

Love Rooms: An assortment of lower-class brothel rooms in Roshmi

Love Lounge: A upper/middle-class brothel in Roshmi. Oo lala