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pale skin and her eyes are a pretty violet color.

Risa loves to change up her outfit often, accessorizing to the max. Hercorated in jewelry. She loves armbands and bracelets as well as necklaces. sparkly rocks her boat. Her hair is usually decorated with flowers or beautiful crowns. Her outfits tend to incorn some way. Her favo


Risa has light pinll off-the-shoulder sleeves along with a matching flowing s



⋆ Sweet Treats

⋆ Exploring

⋆ a work in progressally moves her, she can get a bit overwhelmed and react impulsively. If friends are in trouble, there is a chance she is very empathetic. She may be considered extraordinarily brave but it may be just because she reacts before she thinks about the situation.

Risa has atimes she does not take things as seriously as she should and implements her strong sense of humor when she shouldn't. When it comes to interacting with others, she's very charismatic without trying to be. Many are drawn towards her kind-heart and positive personality. She has very good advice when it comes to relationships and problems between friends.



Apprentice Healer

Current and sj Lover(s):


Risa would have been a princess if she had been born a few hundred years back. She tends to remind people this obnoxiously often. She descends from ancestors of royalty back when Avalia was broken up into states. Nowadays, Avalia is united under ondjsjsjzhahsbdbdnsbsbsbsbznshshzhzhze ruler and everyone is rendered basic under his rule. He controls what happens everywhere and sends appointed dark elves to help control each area.

The appreciation of class and elegance was still passed down the family. Her mother Elyna raised her with the hopes of her being a well-mannered lady, having her even put into schooling to perfect her manners when she was a child. She was expected to dress appropriately growing up at all times. When she turned fourteen and fell in love, she had been also expected to get her boyfriend approved by her parents. Though she had a lot of pressure to be the perfect daughter with the outstanding education and mannerisms, she was always aching to be free. Her spirit yearned for exploration.

Unfortunately, her father was overprotective after the death of her brother. Risa was no longer allowed to live the territory of River Kingdom. He died when he was twenty-five, a VERY young age for fairies, while Risa was only thirteen. Her family told everyone he had died nobly in battle, fighting rebels for the King. Risa knew deep down that was not the case, especially when she had met Cloud, who she had thought was the love of her life. He rambled on about Aklenroth’s lies, his unjust rule and all the horrible things he did to people. Risa had listened but brushed him off as overeating. Life was not really all that bad. Then Cloud abruptly woke Risa up in the middle of the night and invited her to run away with him. She rejected him reluctantly and the next day, news arrived that he had been slain for treason. A horrible feeling had filled her gut and a large distaste for their King grew inside of her. She wanted to explore and grow strong enough to do something about roth. The loss of her brother and boyfriend hit her hard. She was depressed for a few years, especially since her smskdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjsjdjsjdjparents treated her like she was a fragile infant. Time made it easier and she was able to look fondly back on memories with her loved ones and began to value time with friends and family immensely.

When she turned eighteen years old, her parents could no longer order her around by law and she was free to explore. Her father pleaded her with her not to go while her mother gave in, only asking that she allow a dear old friend of hers, a wolf named Hades, to watchendndjdjdjdjsjsjsjsjshs over her. For the last year, Risa has been exploring and trying to find like-minded creatures who would have interest new people

⋆ Singing ⋆ Flirting

⋆ Animals


⋆ When she has to wait more than five minutes for something.

⋆ Creatures with malevolent nature

⋆ Being cooped up


⋆ Drowning

⋆ Being restricted

⋆ Demons




Risa is a very outgoing and friendly fairy. She loves talking to anyone and anything as long as they're good-hearted. However, she does try to see the good in others even when there is none to find. Sometimes she gets excited, talks too much or cracks too many jokes. She is super energetic. When Risa loves, she loves deep and hard. She has undying loyalty to friends aess romantic and swoons at the idea of romance.

It is true that Risa is as sweet as a sugar most of the time. That is until you strike her temper. She is easily aggravated at times. She tries her best to handle it but it is definitely in rebelling or seeking out the forbidden, powerful creatures named “humans.”

Combat InfFor thissjdjdjsjsjsjjsormation

Physical Strengths:

⋆e is impressive.

⋆ She has a

⋆ Her running speed is decent.

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ Risa has no knowledge of combat.

⋆ She has a very weak


Risa has light pink hair that falls down to her waist. She has rather.

⋆ She cannot swim.

Additional Information

  • Healing