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This is the southern trading spot. Pirates tend to gravitate toward this one as law enforcement is a little scarce so far from Avalia. It is a criminal hot spot and sells many of the items often found as black markets. Criminals flock here like

seagulls. Traders and sailors often stop here to take a break and get some supplies as well. With lots of docks, it's great place to bring your ship.


The only law people live by sometimes is the Pirate Code. All other events risk consequence of pissing people off.

The Pirate Code:

- Respect a parlay

- Take what you can and give nothing back

- If you fall behind, you will be left behind.

- Respect and listen to your captain

- Those who walk the plank will be given a weapon to be given a chance of survival.



This area has mixed culture and religion. All manners of bad behavior is encouraged here whether it be delving into vices such as drugs, sex and alcohol, or stealing from the guy at the bar who looks distracted. Sea shanties can often be heard being sang in the bars at night.

Notable Places

- Sailor's Pleasure --> A brothel in a lowkey building near the front of the small town.

- The Boat Docks

- Odds and Ends Shop

- Sailor's Emporium --> A Clothing Stall on the docks.

- Sail Away Ships --> Ships for Sale by the docks, supplies are also sold here

- A small, unnamed black market trading area in the plaza of town.

Yolichi's Restaurant


Food restaurant that's kind of rundown and not the cleanest. They serve a lot of seafood.

Yolichi is the head chef and owner of the restaurant. A retired pirate, this dwarf likes to spend his days on his secondary love: food. Stoic and gruff, he came come off like no fun at first glance, but the guy loves a good laugh and loves to talk about his adventures on the sea.

Fresh Bounty

(ranging from 3-30 amas per serving with Dolphigator being the most expensive)

Arbacarp (common)

If you thought Earth’s carp could get big, you haven’t seen an arbacarp. Usually ranging from the size of a dolphin to a killer whale, these fish are commonly found within the ocean of Avalia. Most seaside restaurants will have this fish as it’s easy to catch and provides quite a bit of food.

Suulan Trout (common)

A longer version of Earth’s trout, this fish may be a little off putting for humans as the meat has a natural green hue to it. It


tastes very similar to trout from earth and is often found within the large river that runs through the middle of the mainland of Avalia.

Dolphigator (rare)

A large, dangerous, and scary looking creature found in the oceans of Avalia. It is literally a combination of a dolphin and an alligator. Some hunt this monster for its meat as it has a very creamy taste to it.

Suppa Bass (uncommon)

Much like a bass on Earth, however, it can emit a low sound that can almost sound scary if you didn’t know what it was. These fish are found within the oceans of Avalia and tend to have a rather mild taste.

Litha-Litha (uncommon)

Very similar to mahi-mahi on earth, except instead of it being yellow and green it is pink and purple. It also seems to glitter in the sunlight. It is a white meat fish and has a buttery flavor.

Yolichi’s Favorites

  • Dolphigator Stew
  • Lobstaconda Boil
  • Cyclops Crab Hot Pot
  • Fried Litha-Litha
  • Seafood Stir Fry
  • Yolichi’s Tuna Salad

The Seagull

The Seagull

A tavern with an inn on the upstairs right near the boat docks.



  • Mead
  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Whisky
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Ale


  • Fried shrimp
  • Trout sandwich
  • Potato balls

Tanelia the Bartender

Tanelia is the most common bartender at this establishment. She's a very snarky elf and has no issue poking fun at you. If you try to flirt, she will get irritated with you and probably water down your drink.