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O'Ner is a tall, undead skeleton. He has no skin, no hair, and empty eye sockets.

O'Ner wears a long dark blue robe that covers most of his body, Wearing brown sandals with a bracelet around his right wrist. A large assortment of amulets and chains around his neck. Writings of strange symbols are written all over his robes.



⋆ Being alone

⋆ Tending to his garden

⋆ Cooking


⋆ Being in a crowd

⋆ Dealing with adventurers

⋆ Talking to living people


⋆ Being around people

⋆ Losing someone he cares about

⋆ Not being loved




O'Ner likes to keep to himself, But when he needs something done he would speak with his head servant Fillip. When approached by others for example like adventurers. In this case he would speak with Fillip and or command other undead to deal with them, He is not very social and the other person he speaks with is Fillip. O'ner is selfish but has some bouts of selflessness, He only cares about himself and will wall himself from others as he does not want to be hurt emotionally. He plays the part of a villain when dealing with adventurers but is not evil deep down. He would do everything in his power to protect or save someone he cares for deeply.

O'Ner is mostly calm around others, And is quite patient with others especially with Fillip. However if annoyed enough his patient can wear thin.He is brave in the sense that he is willing to facing immense danger. O'Ner is quick to react to situations that could affect him and his power.

O'Ner is quite intelligent, Not only being cunning but loves to read the many books he has in his library. He can manipulate people by knowing more about the person he is speaking with, However he does not make friend's easily as he doesn't want to be hurt emotionally. O'Ner has a very dark and dry sense of humor. His energy level is quite normal but more often then not he is tired.



General of Aklenroth's Army

Current and Past Lover(s):

  • Julia Fedmoore (former, deceased)

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ Quite skilled in magic

⋆ Well versed in ancient artifacts and relics

⋆ Skilled in manipulating a person to do his bidding

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ Physically not strong

⋆ A weakness to holy items

⋆ Not very friendly

Additional Information

  • He has a servant that goes with him most places named Fillip.
  • He has a trustworthy steed named Tulip.
  • O'Ner has a hobby of reading lusty romance novels.
  • He is 117 years old.