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Myriamor is a desert city with a very rich populace, originally built on an oasis. It gets most of his money through trade due to the high density of different races. The main supplies circulating here are silk and spices along with extracts and other medicines from the Great Tree. There are two very large trees in Avalia with magical properties, and one of them is located here. Demi-humans of desert species of animal can be found in high population here such as fennec fox, snake or scorpion races. There are also some avian species native to here. A bounty hunting guild can be found here as well that is in line with the law of the city. The laws in this city are not very strict and freedom is highly valued here. Some Egyptian practices can be recognized here such as mummifying and high value of mathematics as well as cats.

Laws and Government

Nasah Uness

The land is ruled by Governor Nasah Uness, a friendly snake demihuman.


  1. No unprovoked murder(besides the bounty hunting guild) or you will lose your life as well.
  2. No sexual assault or you will be publicly executed.
  3. If you steal, the hand that you stole with will be removed.
  4. If you trespass on someone's property, they have the right to attack you.
  5. If you vandalize, your home will be destroyed in return.


People are friendly in this area and the freedom allowed in this city allows for more happiness for its citizens. Mathematics and sciences are highly valued here. Studying and learning is a great thing. Many enjoy learning about space and the stars. However, due to the high amount of other races here, the culture can vary greatly. Music and religion are supported by all races. However, the area in specific does tend to have a preference toward worshipping Egyptian gods and goddesses, due to the humans of the past once sharing their own culture here.

Notable Places

There are many beautiful gardens and animal sanctuaries here, including a large dome garden that's kept like a greenhouse, with lots of butterflies, insects and birds inside. Food stalls valuing healthier foods are often found here, for example, The Fresh Stall, which sells many salads with lots of fruits and vegetables. Markets galore are located here and people love to sell and buy items. Alcohol is not hard to find here either, with many taverns such as the Rattlesnake Bar. Of course, there is also a government building. There is a pyramid temple to worship in that welcomes all religions.


The architecture here is large, beautiful and Egyptian in nature.

The Bounty Hunting Guild resides in a secured location that only those who are privy to the knowledge can find.