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Myra is on the smaller side if you aren't counting her tail in the mix. She has sharp, pointy teeth that can look rather scary. Her skin is white in color and she has red eyes. Her hair is also white and quite long. She doesn't speak and she wears no clothing. Due to being living in the forest following nothing but her own instincts after she woke up without any memory of her life, she doesn't care about clothes or covering herself.



⋆ Running and Hunting

⋆ Discovering new things

⋆ Meat

⋆ Warm and comfortable places to sleep when tired


⋆ Vegetables, plants, nuts and berries (as food)

⋆ Those who try to attack her

⋆ Being trapped, encaged

⋆ Being hungry or thirsty

⋆ Skeletons, Undead and Liches


⋆ Being trapped/encaged

⋆ High level undead/skeletons/liches


Undefined. She is incredibly innocent and naïve regarding things as relationships & sex.


Myra has a very simple personality with it's defining trait being her curiosity. Extremely curious about new things that she doesn't know, she will often feel compelled to investigate them. While not actively aggressive, she is carnivore and hunts for food often. If threatened or perceiving someone or something as a threat, she will either fight back or flee. Depending on the situation, sometimes even actively hunting down the threat.

Despite being quite literally a blank slate regarding memories, not knowing even how to talk, it is clear by both her actions and decisions though that Myra is an intelligent demon, being able to solve problems and quickly learn things when observing someone or something. She also shows unusual skills and techniques when fighting and hunting, which definitely didn't come from her instincts alone.




Current and Past Lover(s):

  • None


To most people who see Myra, she would be only a strange, wild demon from origins unknown. Only a few know who she was on her past life and what happened to her... Before she was betrayed by the very same person she served, Myra reported directly to Aklenroth as both a spy and sometimes... silently eliminating those whom he deemed necessary. As it was expected both due to her abilities and her job, nothing really was a secret for her... At least not for too long once she was ordered to or took a particular interest to it... Despite her swearing allegiance to Aklenroth, it was simply unavoidable for her to discover secrets belonging not only to enemies, but to allies as well. It was simply unavoidable due to the very nature of what she did. While Myra knew that holding other's secrets in one's hands can be an incredibly dangerous thing if they knew, if they didn't realize that she knew about their secrets, she should be safe if she simply stood quiet, right? Unfortunately for her, there was one sole person whom she simply wasn't able to hide anything from no matter how much she tried... Aklenroth, the Lich King himself...

Using Myra as her eyes and ears both inside his kingdom and outside, Aklenroth used the knowledge Myra attained to both further extend his grasp over Avalia and root out possible traitors inside his own army and kingdom. While she was relatively safe from retaliation from said traitors, due to her very position in Aklenroth's army and existence being know only by a few, she wasn't safe from Aklenroth. Due to that, she always swore allegiance to him, fearing for her life. Still, her allegiance wasn't enough for Aklenroth. She knew too much about his own kingdom, his rule and even some of his own secrets. Being unable to hide that very fact from him was what made Myra completely loyal to the Lich King. It was undeniable that she had contributed to Aklenroth's rule, but the Lich King wasn't the type of man who would leave loose ends and once he deemed she wasn't necessary anymore... he had only one thing left to do... It was simply too dangerous for her to stay alive, knowing as much as she did.

Myra herself knew that Aklenroth's rule became stronger and stronger each day and it was normal for her to not have as many jobs as she had before, after all, it was only a sign that she did a good job. She could have never imagined what Aklenroth was planning though... Calling her to present herself in front of the throne one day, his words were cold and short, thanking her for her contribution to his cause and as soon as he finished, he struck her down where she stood. Not having time to spare in dealing with the corpse of an unneeded tool, the task of disposing of her body was left for an underling, whom threw Myra's apparently lifeless body in a random forest to rot.

Unknown to Aklenroth, Myra somehow was able to survive his attack and due to his underling's negligence in properly disposing of her body, she was able to recover herself from the wounds after a long time. Despite her body being able to recover itself, her mind wasn't. Having completely lost her memory, Myra's memories were reduced to a blank slate. Not knowing even how to talk, she became a 'wild' demon, surviving in the forests like an animal would, resorting only to her instincts and the few things that were still preserved in her mind, mostly as muscle memory and reflexes than memories that she really understood, after Aklenroth's attack. Things such as her skills and training as a spy and assassin, her name & etc were still preserved in her memory.

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ Natural weapons (retractable claws and teeth)

⋆ Agility and speed (enhanced by her unique physiology)

⋆ Stealth and ambushes

⋆ Melee combat

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ Does not wear any kind of armor or protective armor.

⋆ Has no means of ranged attacks

⋆ Her enhanced senses can be used against her


Myra is believed to be either an unique type of demon (maybe an evolution from some species of feral demons) or a hybrid from other subspecies due to the fact that she does not resemble any other type of demon species. With her most striking and defining features being her long tail (more than twice the size of her own body) and her completely white skin, the difference between her and other types of demon is clear with a single glance.

Even though sharp teeth aren't really rare among demons, Myra possesses a double row of slightly curved and extremely sharp teeth, seemingly designed for hunting and killing. Coupled with sharp, retractable claws, these features make it clear that whatever subspecies Myra belongs, is exclusively carnivore.

Best Ability:

Due to her unique physiology, Myra is able to move herself in an extremely agile and fast manner. By using her long tail as both a prehensile tail (being even to sustain her own body weight on top of it) and to balance herself, she is able to perform unusually sharp turns and move herself in an unpredictable manner. Using mostly her retractable claws (both the smaller ones in her hands and the bigger ones in her feet) and especially her dangerous teeth (her biting strength is enough to break bones and tear flesh) as weapons, she also utilizes her long tongue in combination with her nose to form an enhanced sense of smell, similar of a snake's, being able to track down her prey by smell.

Other than those, one of the most unique skills she has is having something akin to an 'active camouflage', being able to become virtually invisible when moving either in a normal speed or slowly. When running on high speeds though, this active camouflage is less efficient, making it possible to see a light distortion if one pays enough attention and can follow her with their eyes.

Additional Information

  • While most never got close enough both physically and emotionally to Myra to know that, she has a surprisingly long tongue and an incredibly soft patch of white fur behind her neck. While most of the times hidden by her hair, this patch of fur has been observed to react to her humor, bristling if she feels threatened, cornered, angry or afraid.
  • It is unknown how old Myra actually is.