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Credit to Legion02 on Roleplayer Guild for much of this.

This is the dark elf settlement situated on Daka Island filled with dark elves in warm coats who bear the cold to stay closest to their leader. They live in a cave underground to avoid the cooler weather. They also do not have a class system and are a close-knit community focused on battle and hunting for meats and furs. Instead of shops, they have more of a mall-like establishment to keep everything needed indoors and in one place. This establishment is next to their meeting center. These two are surrounded by homes, a healing center.

Law System

Murder --> Punishable by death

Theft --> Hands cut off

Enslaving noncriminal dark elves --> Punishable by death

Vandalism --> House destroyed

Treason --> Punishable by death

Rape --> Punishable by genital mutilation

The Draconis --> The Law Enforcement Team

Army Ranking

Infantry --> regular --> Close Range Soldiers & Long Range Soldiers

Legionare--> Trained for 50 years + or appointed/promoted

Legion Knight --> Trained for 100 years + or appointed/promoted Legion

Legate --> Trained for 300 years + or appointed/promoted

Legion General --> trained for 500 years + or appointed/promoted

Dragon Claw --> Role of the Heir to the throne

The Catacombs

Death holds great importance to the Dark Elves. When one dies, he is denied entry into the heavens of Lunathea and Solaris. So they remain on earth. Their incorporeal spirits watch over their ancestors. Unlike with human crypts, those on Daka are unsealed. Allowing easy access to the bones. Within these open tombs, the many names of those who perished are etched deeply in stone. So even the harsh climate of Daka cannot weather them. This is to make sure that no spirit is forgotten.

The Pits

There are few things that get a Dark Elf’s heart racing more than the Pits. Prisoners, traitors, criminals, and outcasts are gathered here and given wooden weapons to defend themselves against terrible monsters the Dark Elves cornered in their hunts. Or worse, they put brother against sister or mother against son. Yet the Pits don’t host such terrible executions constantly. During such downtime, the Pits are used to train the Dark Elves. Here, exposed to the chills of the land the younglings learn to keep warm and fight. Make no mistake though, wooden weapons are quickly replaced by colder metal. The sands have turned brown of the dried blood it constantly consumes.


Hunting is one of the pillars upon which Dark Elf society rests. Daka had little farmable land so the Dark Elves were forced to hunt for their survival. But Daka's woods are home to more than just prey. Many monsters and predators hide in the woods’ shadow. But as the hunts got harder, so did the hunters become stronger. Groups of hunters formed Lodges. These hunters began to hunt for more than just meat and skin. They began to kill the monsters and destroy their nests. Today these Lodges are home to Daka's most fearsome hunters. Who still hunt monsters not for survival but for glory and honor. The Lodges aren't really a specific building but more a group of buildings that don't look special but instead hold more of a social importance

Black Market

This outdoor black market on Daka Island is a lot more dangerous than the Roshmi City one. And that's saying a lot since that's one hell of a snake pit ! Dragon eggs, young dragons and large creatures are sold here. Crazier extremes can be seen. People being murdered in plain sight in this market is not unheard of. Innocents are taken as slaves by the hundreds here. Dangerous drugs and potions are for sale and there are huge fighting arenas for people to take bets on matches so dangerous that many are to-the-death matches.