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Malachi has the build of a typical male elf, being on the slender side yet still having muscle tone. He's got pale skin and blonde, short, yet messy hair. His eyes are a very light blue-grey color.

Refer to clothes in picture. He usually wears clothes of that nature and armor to protect himself. He enjoys cloaks to keep him warm and the look of them. Secretly, he really enjoys comfy pajamas.



⋆ Traveling

⋆ Meat

⋆ Reading


⋆ Obnoxiousness

⋆ People who do not care about the world around them

⋆ Not having food to eat

⋆ Filth


⋆ Being set on fire

Aklenroth never being dethroned

⋆ Orcs




Malachi is introverted much by choice. He is not a big people person and prefers quiet surroundings or small groups. He has no issue talking to people, but he prefers otherwise. He is quick to put on a selfish act and look out for himself yet acts selflessly, very much determined to change the world for the better for everyone. Malachi sees the bigger picture and always finds space in his heart to care about other living creatures. He has a good heart but has a bad habit of letting sarcasm and sometimes rude retorts slip from his mouth. Some people write him off as cold. When it comes to friends or even randoms, Malachi will always protect them, always throwing himself in front of others into battle, keeping the softy inside of him reserved for those type of situations.

Malachi will rarely become furious but he gets irritated by others on the regular. There is definitely a temper inside of him. He will not let it get to him and instead say something sarcastic when it comes to small disputes. He is very patient, able to wait as long as needed to get where he needs to go or do what he must. Malachi is very determined and brave. There is a rational head on his shoulders and he has a healthy amount of nervousness over unsafe situations, taking time to think about them.

Malachi enjoyed reading and writing growing up. He has knowledge of a good number of subjects and intelligent. He is good at strategizing and planning. He is not the best at reading people unless they are open books and his charisma is lacking. His sense of humor is purely dry and sarcastic humor. He is by no means a hyper person, however, he seems to have a lot of energy. It seems to come from his will power. He is extremely stubborn.

Additionally, Malachi is a neat-freak.




Current and Past Lover(s):


Malachi had a wonderful first 35 years of his life. His mother was an accomplished inventor and engineer. She had messed around with DROMs all the time and had a hand in inventing Aromas as well as all sorts of devices. He could remember humans in and out of the house ever since the beginning of his memory. Malachi looked up to her with all his heart. She was the smartest woman he ever had ever known. She was warm and loving, going out of her way to be there for her offspring. His father Damalo was always in another village training to be a warrior. Malachi also admired his father and looked forward to seeing him the very few times he had gotten to. He and his sister Cecily spent much of their time with their mother, watching her work her magic. She never used literal magic much, relying on her intelligence with her inventions. She had never raised her kids to use it either. They were taught the magic of words and creativity instead.

Malachi did not have many friends in school once he started. Cecily had been his only friend growing up and he wasn't so great at socializing. He was overly friendly and considered weird for never using magic. That was until Cara. He fell madly in love with this beautiful elven girl in high school. He would have tried to capture the sun if she had asked. She was smart, kind and beautiful, enjoying knowledge and creation as much as he did. She fell in love back with ease as if the two had been soul mates.

Malachi went on as far as one could go with his studies, becoming an engineer like his mother. He can still remember how proud she had been. Cara and he married not long after that and soon followed their son, Gael. Unfortunately, Malachi's father died in battle at this point due to an Orc attack in another village. The pressure of being a father without ever having one around to take after was tough, but in the end, Malachi had been a good father.

They lived together until Malachi had turned 35.

Then Aklenroth rose. An elf becoming a lich had been unheard of in history. No one knew how to react to such power. The only beings that seemed to be able to challenge him were humans, of all creatures. Dark elves and negative entities gravitated toward Aklenroth, admiring everything that he was and all the power he possessed. It was like Christmas for them and yet the end of days for all other creatures. Orcs and dark elves soon attacked Sun Elf Village, confiscating any DROMs and slaying anyone who got in their way or defied Aklenroth's rule. Malachi had been away when this was occurring. When he got to the Sun Elf Village, it was too late. It was destroyed and his family was nowhere to be seen. His home was emptied and ravaged. DROMs seemed to be completely gone and any humans that had been on Avalia, murdered.

All survivors were relocated to Moon Elf Village, which a secret rebellion group began forming. They created a secret meeting area in one of their houses. Malachi did not often attend meetings, disheartened and traumatized from losing everyone he had ever known. He only began to attend years later. A group of fifty elves at this point were all working to recreate DROMs, which was no easy task. It took about ten years to create one but it was too late by the time it was created. Aklenroth had discovered them and had many of them killed. Fortunately, the DROM had been hidden and Malachi had managed to escape with the survivors. He gave up on the idea, especially since knowing the DROM was not as reliable as the old ones. Humans often did not spawn nearby and could spawn anywhere. He lost heart and threw himself into becoming a warrior, learning to wield light magic at fifty years old. Though this is a very young age for elves, it is late to start learning how to wield magic. He was patient with this task, studying, practicing and then enlisting himself as a warrior. He gave up his old life as an engineer and threw himself fully into his new identity. All he wanted to stop Aklenroth.

It wasn't until he was 135 years old that he decided to move out of Moon Elf Village and pursue his plan. He was not alone in it either, since he knew other elves secretly had their hands on DROMs. He had acquainted himself He contacted them and they returned the contact, all agreeing they would bring as many humans as possible and bring together an army of elves, humans and whatever else was willing to battle.

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ He can run at a good speed and has impressive agility.

⋆ Malachi is a master at archery and a decent swordsman

⋆ He has a decent amount of muscular strength

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ He is not the best at hand to hand combat. He has grown rusty over the years

⋆ Climbing is hard for him.

⋆ He is not the most endurant at running and cannot go far distances.

Additional Information

  • He is very well educated at light magic, dedicating decades to it.
  • Malachi often imbues his arrows with his light magic as his signature attack.
  • Malachi is 135 years old.