Kenia Biralei


Kenia is a slender yet athletically build light elf. She has lightly tanned skin and long pale blonde hair. Her eyes are unique gold color with a rim of blue on the outside.

Kenia's attire entirely depends on what situation she's going into. She has three main options she tends to gravitate towards, however. One is an all-black outfit she often wears whenever she's taken a job that requires stealth. The other two she often wears either just during the day when she isn't doing anything or when she's gathering information in social situations. She has a set of common elven clothes consisting of pants and a blouse. The last is a dress that's more formal and elegant.



⋆ Observing people

⋆ Singing

⋆ The forest


⋆ Undead

⋆ Dark Elves

⋆ Loud people


Aklenroth remaining in power and harming more people

⋆ Being enslaved by Aklenroth

⋆ Drowning




Kenia isn’t completely introverted nor is she an extrovert, preferring to be considered somewhere in the middle. She adapts to whatever situation she finds she's in by observing the people around her and deciding whether she should make herself known or remain silent. She is a selfish person up until she forms a bond with someone then she’ll be completely selfless towards them. She’s been hurt one too many times by people and has decided to live her life for herself until someone breaks down those walls. She may come off at first as slightly mean, but take the time to get to know her and you’ll find that she really is a kind soul. Once she’s drawn close to you and considers you a friend she will gladly lay down her life for you.

She tends to keep a rather calm demeanor, always trying to think before acting. There are a few things that will set her off into a rage, however, like witnessing a family being torn apart or a child being harmed. She’s a very patient woman and has always believed that to be one of her scariest traits. Her father always said to beware of the patient woman because they were the ones who would eventually conquer the world. She has a bravery that many could admire, however, if a situation is looking dire for her then she had no shame in falling back until she is more prepared for the fight in the future. She likes to think out a plan of action, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t quick to react if need be. In fact, she can be very fast at reacting to something. She needs that skill in her line of work.

Kenia has spent years observing people and their actions which have, in turn, taught her to be quite cunning and manipulative. She isn’t ashamed to use a person for her own personal gain, especially when it furthers her goals. She has some sense of humor, meaning she can laugh at a joke, however she is not one to go and crack many jokes. After things she’s gone through in her past there may be a hint of madness there, but not enough to alarm someone right away. It comes out in small doses and at times can be slightly alarming, yet she keeps ahold of herself most of the time.



Hired Blade/Assassin

Current and Past Lover(s):


Kenia originally had a very happy life when she was born 175 years ago. She was the only child of bed mother Alea and her father Nym. They absolutely adored their daughter and gave her anything she wished, which truly had made her quite the spoiled child. Growing up, she had loved watching the older ones use their light magic and begged her parents to teach her as soon as they could. She wasn't incredibly skilled at it, but she wasn't awful either and it made her happy.

When she turned 17 she met a fellow elven man and fell in love. She was young and naive, thinking that he was absolutely perfect. Her parents had other thoughts, however, seeing him as selfish and oddly power-hungry. She ignored her family's warnings and married him anyway. The first few years were happy and she couldn't ask for anything better.

As the years went on, however, Airdan began to pressure Kenia for children. When she failed to become pregnant, with no lack of trying on her part, her husband became more and more frustrated with her. This was a stressful time in her life as she began to fear he would turn to someone else. So when she became pregnant at 72, which for an elf isn't too late in life, she rejoiced. Soon after that, she had twins, a boy and a girl named Rhys and Lura. She didn't realize she could love something as much as she loved these two babies and they became her world. Her eyes were beginning to be opened to the cruel and selfish nature of her husband, however, and she began to fear him.

It was three years later that Aklenroth took over the land and everything went downhill from there. Her husband took their two children, who were now three, to the lich in the middle of the night without Kenia knowing. He wished to join Aklenroth, wanting power more than anything else and offered the two small children to him as a tribute. Kenia wouldn't find the truth of what happened to her children until a year later when she finally found her husband. This broke her and she vowed to do what she could to destroy him and the lich.

She spent the next century learning to fight, becoming quite skilled in stealth and the art of silently killing someone. She knew if she wanted to accomplish her goals she needed patience and become a master of observation and death. She began offering her services on the black market in order to gain skills. Now she's heard of a resistance wishing to bring humans to the land once more and believes they may help her achieve her goals. So she is seeking them out.

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ Quick and incredibly silent

⋆ Expert in throwing knives and daggers

⋆ Adapting to situations

⋆ Affinity for making and using poisons and their antidotes

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ Was trained for eliminating an unknowing foe, so is not as skilled in facing someone face-to-face ⋆ Water, she isn't the best swimmer

⋆ Children, she longs for her lost twins and sees them in every child

⋆ Airden-She has such a strong desire to make him pay for what he's done that there is a possibility she may hurt way more people in the process of attaining this goal. She won't think of the consequences of her actions in regard to him.

Additional Information

  • Kenia has above average skill with light magic but hasn't focused on practicing it in years.
  • Kenia is 175 years old.
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