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This is the largest dwarf settlement along the mountains, under the rule of king Brolmir Mountainspine. Many dwarf settlements will be found all along the mountains as they love the location for mining and there is a very large population of them in Avalia. However, this is the most highly populated and frequented area. It is known for its crafters, inventors and great forges. The reason that Ironhold is so big because of the abundance of metals and gems in the surrounding area. They are well-off and receive many trades with other races, essentially having a monopoly on these items. With a good supply of magma, they're able to smelt all metals and craft all sorts of things. They have also crafted firearms and steam-powered machines. In fact, many of Avalia's best inventions came from well-educated dwarves from Ironhold. The dwarves here are very prideful in their work!

Ironhold has a tall outer wall, inside that wall is shops and taverns etc for merchants and visitors, behind another wall the garrison and siege equipment is housed and inside the inner city houses the dwarves, the crafting halls, and the castle of the royal family.



Dwarves here are very hard-working and prideful. They spend much of their day working and look down on others who live more relaxed lives. To them, time is of the essence. They can be know-it-alls at times, thinking their way is the best way. However, when dwarves do have downtime, they do like to enjoy pastimes such as learning musical instruments or enjoying the pleasures of food and booze. They like to throw great feasts and talk about how worthless their orc neighbors are. They love to hold grudges and hold on to every wrong ever done to them until a solution is made, bringing up things from even early childhood against each other. Dwarves even do this against entire races, such as with the orcs.

Notable Places

Many bars can be found here, notably Gakhumi's Tavern. Dwarves love their food and have more than one huge messhall to feast in. For all their hardworking, they need to eat a lot to power through it. Besides places to eat and drink, there is one Inn for guests to sleep in called the Kowula Inn. Political meetings are always done in mess halls so that food can be involved. There is also a market with stalls for dwarves to sell and buy with each other, and even for other races they tolerate to come buy their goods.