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Elves are the pointy-eared human-like creatures that you imagine them to be. There are two known species: light and dark elves. Light elves were the first to exist, but to remain in the light requires keeping certain energy around you.

Any bold move towards darkness and evil could risk shrouding you in it. Dark elves arose from stepping too close into the shadows. Elves with malevolent or darker personalities tend to have their negativity manifest in their energy and in their power. A dark elf's offspring would inherit the dark magic without needing to do any wrongdoing.

They are always outcasted due to being seen as dangerous and not understood. Dark elves were banished centuries ago to live on Daka Island in the Malthemoor Kingdom.

Lifespan: Up to 1500 years


They excel in archery and in battle. They are nimble and tend to possess light magic. This allows them to create light orbs, shields, and create light at will. Only the most accomplished light-users can utilize invisibility. There are even rumors of elves that can foresee the future.

They tend to dress in clothes that are comfortable for battle and travel, the aesthetics of luxury clothing are a thing only for nobles. Most light elves and even dark elves are raised as warriors and adventurers. Those that stay in civilizations have a love for music, technology, and art. There are elves with many different skills including acting, inventing, and even engineering. There are no gender roles as there are in the fairies. Females are expected to learn to defend themselves as much as males are. Elves are much more competitive and common in battle than fairies.


Photokinesis - Light Manipulation


  • The user can create and manipulate visible light.
  • They can generate orbs or shields of light.
  • Imbue their weapons with light to damage undead or dark creatures at a more effective rate.
  • Very skilled users can create illusions, meaning they probably are on the older side.
  • Very skilled users can become invisible through bending light around themselves.
  • Very few, skilled users may be able to create dimensional rifts using their light magic.


  • In the presence of a lot of darkness, this power is weakened, but not useless.
  • It's difficult for unskilled users to create light when surrounded in solely darkness.
  • Light will constantly move unless you stop it in its path. It is one of the first things elves learn so they know to halt any attacks in their path.
  • Many uses of light magic require a lot of skill and precision. It is not an easy magic to wield as it requires focus.

Erebokinesis - Darkness Manipulation


  • Dark elves can create and manipulate dark energy at will.
  • Skilled users can shroud a room in darkness.
  • Dark elves can manipulate darkness into orbs or other offensive forms.
  • Dark elves can manipulate the shadows around them and utilize them as a weapon.
  • Very skilled dark elves can make themselves invisible with access to darkness.
  • Very few, skilled users may be able to create abyssal rifts using their dark magic.
  • In the presence of a lot of light, this power is weakened, but not useless.


  • Dark magic and light magic tend to negate each other
  • It's difficult for unskilled users to create darkness when surrounded in solely light.
  • Many uses of dark magic require a lot of skill and precision. It is not an easy magic to wield as it requires focus
  • Extended exposure to dark energy and negative energy has an effect on your personality and its power is addicting.


All Elves know three gods: Solaris the Sun God, The Maiden-Moon Goddess Lunathea and the Witch-Moon Goddess Halastra. Though since the Banishment, worship has shifted greatly. The Creation Myth states that Lunathea birthed or created or crafted the first elves (the words used in Ancient Elvish can mean all three words). Solaris, seeking favor with the Maiden-Moon, gifted her children the power over his domain. Since then the Elves could bend the light of their god and goddess. Though the stories diverge. Light Elves believe that it was Halastra’s jealousy that drove her to wicked deeds. She planted the seeds of sorrow, hatred, and pain within her sister’s children. Through the pain, she corrupted them and replaced Solaris’ light with her own dark purple taint. Solaris and Lunathea stopped Halastra at every turn. Like a grand cosmic game of faith, they fought against the dark until a faithful day where the Light Elves decided they could not fight any longer. The corruption had to be torn away from their realm: root and stem. The Dark Elves were banished.

Dark Elves believe a different story. The Maiden-Moon’s power was not strong enough to create life. So she asked her twin sister, the Witch-Moon. In her love, Halastra offered her power and more. To save her sister from suffering, Halastra swore that whenever her children would feel pain or hate, they would think of the Witch-Moon and not Lunathea. Only later did Solaris, wanting to marry Lunathea, offer his power. The two were happy and that happiness radiated out. Yet in the shadows of that light, the elves did feel pain. Life itself came with as much joy as it did sorrow. But Lunathea never felt such a thing. Until she encountered an elf crying. Instead of compassion and love, she showed confusion. What was happening to her child? Halastra’s gift, the shield of sorrow, was seen as corruption. Solaris and Lunathea accused the Witch-Moon from manipulating their children. The ungrateful and uncompromising gods wanted to destroy the dark wherever they could find it.