Avalia Wiki

The Dugmaghord Orc Clan are known to be the more savage of the orc settlements just wanting to loot as much of anything as they can, only siding if there is profit to be gained. They are less in population meaning less shared things and more finances. They do not fear losing what they have and tend to focus on raiding and plundering to replenish anything they do lose. These orcs are not to be trusted.

They live in easily transportable huts. Their living situation is built to be able to relocate at any time with little loss. Any tavern-like place or food area is unnamed and in a hut as well. Outdoor stalls with stolen loot and signs can be found.


The Orcs here treat each other with respect, for the most part. All disputes are settled in a trial by combat. If you want to race through the ranks, you need to fight whoever is in the position above you. They eat together and party together. They love to eat.

If you need something, they will get it for you with no issue. All are considered family and share their loot with each other. Items do not have high value to them since they can just always steal more.

Gender roles do not exist much here, though the males do pride themselves in being stronger than females. They believe the strong can just take from the weaker without consequence. The only problem is that the males tend to force themselves on females at times, especially in times of war.

Instead of worshipping a god, they worship war as if it were a god itself.