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Demons are creatures that are rumored on Earth to be from Hell itself. However, in reality, they're creatures that come in many shapes and sizes that stay near the inhabitable zone were they arrive from the Abyss. Some are more intelligent than others and even have created their own buildings and cities. Some may appear as monsters while others as horned-humanoid creatures with ranging abilities and powers. Though well-known creatures such as Succubuses specialize in seduction. Due to this being a broad category, you may bring in a type of demon but it will have to be approved to make sure you are not overpowered.

They are often hateful towards other species and mischevious.

They are also not high in the population at all. Many demons respect a very powerful demon named Lilith as their mother.

Life span: Immortal unless killed

Abilities can vary greatly. Some may be able to negate others' magic.

They are VERY vulnerable to any light magic and the sun. They thrive at night.