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Demi-humans are half-human, half-animal creatures. Humans may recognize the animals their genetics are mixed with from Earth. They have heightened senses and qualities of the animal that they are mixed with two forms of demi-human full/half. Full demi-humans look like anthropomorphic animals. Half demi-humans have more human in them mostly ending up with animal ears, tails, and claws.

For example, a centaur is a human with a horse lower body.
A mermaid is also an example of a demi-human, with a human upper half and tail lower half.

There are cases of humans with large, bird-like wings that some refer to as angels as well as humans with cat-ears, cat-like pupils and senses. Half-dragon humans exist as well.

Lifespan: 80-100 years with the exception of Dragonborn's, who live up to 500 years.

The most famous demi-human location is Roshmi City.

However, other notable areas are: Avian City, Myriamor, Aquarian Kingdom and North Pass.


Besides mermaids that reside in water in warm climates, most live in large cities designated for demi-humans. Because of their range of different abilities they are excellent architects. They build huge cities usually in hilly-areas away from everyone since many species look down on demi-humans in disgust, seeing them as lesser beings. Half-human, half-animal creatures surprisingly are very civilized and human-like, speaking English and having a range of talented writers, artists and such, depending on the species. They have the best technology as well.

Some enjoy being in the forest or away from civilization but many live rather mundane lives. Those with more offensive characteristics like claws and strength may join the battle.


Demi-Humans always believed that a God named Zidur created them. However, it wasn't until humans came to Avalia that they got their story straight. Demi-humans believe that Zidur decided to create a superior race of beings by combining men from Earth with the animal into a half-human, half-animal species. With all the features humans lack that animals excel in, but still with the extraordinary brains of man.

Demi-humans are taught to be humble with their gift, yet grateful to be born in their race. In other words, they think highly of themselves but not openly. They are taught to accept all different demi-humans as one great master race and to respect each other. Other species are to be respected but some demi-humans feel deep-down that they have superior intelligence due to these teachings. They are not a highly religious race like the fairies and do not put much weight into worshipping their God, however, stories and legends are told quite often.