Avalia Wiki

There are a plethora of various creatures that can be encountered in Avalia, some more intelligent than others.

Animals that can be found on earth that are known to exist in Avalia

Hares, rabbits, bunnies

Chipmunks, squirrels, and other small rodents

Wolves, wolverines, domestic dogs, foxes, coyotes

Various species of bears

Some species of ducks, flamingos, and birds

Lynxes, bobcats, cougars/mountain lions, leopards, jaguars domestic cats

Deer, elk, moose, camel, antelope

Species of reptiles and amphibians such as lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, alligators, and crocodiles.

Most species of insects as well as scorpions and tarantulas

Harmless Creatures: Danger Level 1


Appearance: Their skin, hair, and eyes come in shades of natural colors including the greens of the leaves and grass or the browns and bronzes of the dirt and trees and even spans into the reds and yellows of the autumn.

Size: They are often the size of a firefly, often being confused with one.

Location found: Forest areas.


Appearance: Fox-like creatures with a red gemstone on their forehead.

Size: Ranging from a house cat to twice the size of it. Location found: Forests and small caves

Additional Info: Due to how much the gemstones sell in the market, they're almost hunted to extinction. They ward off predators and hunters by emitting a very bright flash of light from their gemstones to blind them and run away. Legends say they came from another land.

Flame-Winged Fowlkin

Appearance: Flightless birds, the Avalian equivalent of chickens. The feathers on their wings look like flames, their way of warding off predators by making them seem like a phoenix.

Size: As big as a chicken. Male fowlkens are more slender while females are fatter.

Location: All farms in Avalia and in a bunch of forests

Additional Info: They're raised in farms for their meat and eggs.

Giant Yornis

Appearance: Huge flightless birds. Fat. Size: Reaches up to 13 feet Location found: Forests but mostly grasslands and farms

Additional Info: One of a predator's favorite creature to hunt. They're also raised in farms and are popular in markets due to their fatty meat. Scares easily.


Appearance: Adorable little rodent-like creatures.

Size: Grows to almost twice the size of a hamster Location found: Homes and forests

Additional Info: Likes to gnaw on twigs and small branches. They only eat berries, tree sap, fruits, and honey. Gatherers use sweetkins as their sense of scent is so effective in determining safe-to-eat berries from the poisonous ones. They're also kept as pets too.


Appearance: Similar to a reindeer, but with many more horns on its head and a furry chest.

Size: About the size of a reindeer

Location found: Taigas

Additional Info: Ergens travel in packs consisting of three to twenty members. Hunters hunt them for their firm meat and thick fur which are effective in keeping heat in their bodies.


Appearance: Rabbits with horns growing from their head.

Size: As big as a wild rabbit

Location found: Grasslands and mostly forests

Additional Info: Prevalent in getting their horns stuck on trees, leaving them more exposed to hunters and predators.

Long-Tailed Lorfen

Appearance: It looks like a horned kitten with a lion tail and no irises. Instead of paws, there are talons.

Size: About 2 feet, excluding their long tails

Location found: Forests

Additional Info: Small nocturnal creatures that hunt for berries and small insects. Sensitive to light due to their eyes.


Appearance: They look like cats with owl heads, feathers and wings, complete with paws and a tail.

Size: Little bigger than the average cat

Location found: Forests

Additional Info: They have the same diet as a cat.

Horned Alamoo

Appearance: Looks like a horned minx

Size: Size of a minx or ferret

Location found: Forests, taigas


Appearance: A bug-sized frog with a curly salamander-like tail, and colorful pink detailing, and wings.

Size: Little bigger than a pixie

Location found: Forests, taigas, and jungles

Fairy Deer

Appearance: It resembles a a white deer or lamb with a long, beautiful tail that reaches the floor. It has a thicker coat than normal deer and small wings that allow it to fly a short distance off the ground.

Size: Size of a deer

Location found: Forests

Additional Info: Very rare


Appearance: A crustacean with blue spots all over its shell and two long antennae to help sense its surroundings

Size: About the size of a lobster

Location found: Oceans, brackish waters, and coasts

Additional Info: Their soft and tender meat under their shell make them expensive, which is why rich people love to eat them


Appearance: Marmadunes are fish that have two variations, those with red scales and those with yellow. Both have blue spots on their fins

Size: 3 and a half feet in length at most

Location found: Yellow-scaled marmadunes live in freshwater; red-scaled ones live in saltwater.

Additional Info: Red-scaled marmadunes are slighter bigger than yellow-scaled ones

Aufkar Squid

Appearance: Green bodies with blue-green hair-like fins on their head

Size: Reaches up to 2 and a half feet

Location found: Seas and oceans

Additional Info: Their hair-like fins make them faster swimmers than ordinary squids but they lose the ability to spit out black ink as a result.

Cyclops Crab

Appearance: They have one golden eye at the center of their face and blue spikes on their red-shelled body.

Size: Their leg span reaches to 2.5 feet long.

Location found: Ocean and sea floor

Additional Info: Despite their large eye, their sight is still limited so their spikes help protect them from predators. Their spikes easily soften when boiled.


Appearance: Don't be fooled by their adorable appearances, agoo-agoos are notorious for being pesky little troublemakers. They often steal from travelers and wreck unattended campsites. Where they keep all their stolen stuff is still unknown. Other than that, they are completely harmless. However, you can get into an agoo-agoo's good side by giving them food. Just be careful or otherwise they might steal all your stuff in the process too.

Size: Tails are twice the length of their body and an adult is usually as high as a human's knee.

Location found: High up trees in lush jungles


Appearance: Babyri are small herbivore mammals with bright coloring on their fridge-like fur. They would snarl, jump around, and shake their colorful fur to scare off predators, but they are so adorable most of them would only look at this critter in confusion and decide a boisterous prey is not worth the effort.

Size: 185 cm from head to the tip of their tail

Location found: Jungles, forests


Appearance: Bunflits are rabbit-like creatures where its ears are also its wings, making it capable of flight. In addition to its powerful hind legs, bunflits are excellent when it comes to escaping from predators. They're also a survivor's favorite to hunt due to their tender meat.

Size: 1.7 inches in length from head to feet with a wingspan of 6.5 inches

Location found: Jungles, forests


Appearance: These creatures have bright, colorful wings, a long tail they use to curl on a flower's stem, and a long snout they use like a straw to sip nectars. The color of their fur matches the color of the type of flower they like to feed on the most.

Size: 3 inches

Location found: Jungles, forests


Appearance: Florkies are feline-like creatures with three pairs of legs, two large wings for flight, and one fluffy tail. They use their large ears to scout for prey, especially bigger avian predators. They are omnivorous with their diet consisting of berries and smaller insects.

Size: As big as a house cat

Location found: Jungles, forests

Semi-Harmless Creatures: Danger Level 2


Ability: Can purify water and heal minor wounds

Appearance: A white horse with a shimmering mane and a singular, beautiful horn protruding from the head

Size: Similar size to an average horse.

Location found: Enchanted forests usually around fairy settlements.


Appearance: A Pegasus is an equestrian with wings and widely vary in hair color. Sometimes a pegasus will have a horn on their head, similar to a unicorn.

Size: Similar size to an average horse.

Location found: Pegasi are usually found in mountainous, lightly wooded areas or vast grassy fields.


Appearance: Their bodies are made up of the same properties as trees only they're more magically infused with the power of nature, making them stronger. Their appearances differ from the type of tree they're based on.

Size: Usually 20 feet tall, they continuously grow taller and bigger as they get older.

Location found: Lush forests or jungle.

Additional Info: Kind protector of forest. Only violent when threatened.


Appearance: Stag-like creature.

Size: A bit bigger and more muscular than an adult stag

Location found: Forests and grasslands

Additional Info: Much more aggressive when faced in danger. Has tough meat.

Joverine Boar

Appearance: A large furry wild pig with sturdy tusks.

Size: 6 ft in length and 4 ft in height

Location found: Forests and grasslands though some also live in taigas

Additional Info: Likes charging into things

Striped River Shark

Appearance: Riversharks either have grey or brown stripes over their bodies.

Size: 3-4 feet long

Location found: Rivers, some live in lakes

Additional Info: They eat smaller fishes and love to bite with their very sharp teeth but it doesn't stop fishers from hunting them for their delicious meat.


Appearance: Primates covered in white fur with black markings. They are an intelligent species, smart enough to be able to use tools to break open coconuts or other fruits and nuts with tough casings and to have a unique communication system within their group. They live up in the trees most of their lives, only getting down to the ground to poop or search for nuts when food is scarce. When threatened, they are not afraid to go all out.

Size: When reaching adulthood, anjamans can be as big as a full-grown gorilla.

Location found: Jungles.


Appearance: Herbivores with two large horns curled to the side and a long pointed one in the middle. They also have hard portrusions on their back to help protect them. Generally feared by predators as grobbos are very ferocious when provoked. They are genuinely peaceful creatures and have an innate drive to protect creatures smaller than them too.

Size: Adult moose

Location found: Jungles, forests

Danger Level 3: Potentially Harmful Creatures


Appearance: Usually don't have any distinct shapes or sizes and generally appear as large masses of gelatinous fluid. They vary between mediums; some are intelligent and capable of assuming basic shapes with others being more than brainless piles of goo that dissolve whatever matter becomes enveloped by their bodies.

Size: Differs

Location found: Forests, dungeons, and caves


Appearance: Large, mosquito-like insects. Uses their tongue-like sharp proboscis to stick inside the mouths or whatever hole of their target to suck their bloods and innards out until they're full. Generally comes in swarms.

Size: A third of an adult human

Location found: Forests, swamps, and bogs

Giant Spider

Appearance: Varies with the species and type of Spider and location ( Desert, Cave, Ice, and Forest).

Size: varies with species.

Location found: Caves, cold regions, Desert regions, and forest areas.


Appearance: Varies with the species and type of troll (Cave, Ice, and Forest).

Size: 13 to 14 feet high.

Location found: Caves, cold regions, and forest areas.

Abyssal Chicken

Appearance: Abyssal chickens are small creatures. They have leather wings but are not capable of sustained flight. Their wings are folded above them, giving them a tear-shaped appearance. They have a large mouth filled with fangs and a long tongue. Abyssal chickens' primary form of locomotion was their two large legs, which ended in feet resembling those of a regular chicken. Each foot had three large claws. They spawn fully-grown in Spawning Trees. The trees hold fleshy sacks on their branches, and when mature they fall to the ground, breaking open. They are also commonly used as food for the demon race with a taste of that of a fatty chicken.

Location found: Avernus.


Appearance: Beastmen are feral demihumans that have to behave like the beasts they resemble. The appearance of beastmen varies, but their features are more animalistic and they are usually predators.

Size: Varies depending on the type of demi-human.

Location found: Wilderness of any region.


Appearance: Wyverns are a species of smaller dragons without front arm appendages and their wings are similar to that of a bat. Some have a barbed tail containing a deadly venom.

Size - Approximately the size of a horse.

Location found: Daka Island and any high altitude/mountainous region


Appearance: - Owlbears are monstrous beasts with the bodies of bears covered in thick fur and feathers. Their heads were like those of owls, but with a serrated beak.

Size - Slightly larger than a polar bear.

Location found: Forests everywhere

Giant Frogs

Appearance: - Giant Frogs are a twisted creature resembling a frog, but with a split lower jaw and mouth serrated with teeth and a very long tongue to grip and swallow its prey whole. They are immune to fire and electricity due to the slimy coating it excretes from the mouths/pores it has on its body.

Size - 7 feet while sitting straight up and also very wide.

Location found: Swamps (Everywhere)


Appearance: A harpy combines the body, legs, and wings of a colorful vulture with the torso, and feathered head of a human female.

Size - Similar to that of your average humanoid races.

Location: Rocky or mountainous areas.

Additional Info: Its sweet song has lures adventurers to towards them where it will take them away to feed their young or kill them once found.


Appearance: Harmful slug-like insects. They have three bulbs to store their blood, making them able to suck more blood than an ordinary leech. Their mouth opens to three tendrils with hook-like teeth to make sure they won't be shaken out so easily. They also secrete a venom from the teeth within their pink tube-like mouths that relaxes their target's muscles, making them incapable of moving for a period of time. Due to their voracious appetite, fosliches don't stop until they've drained the blood out of their targets, and their paralyzing venom makes them vulnerable to the other terrifying beasts in the jungle.

Size - Ranging from 60 cm to 1 inch

Location: Jungles, specifically rivers

Corpse Hunter

Appearance: This creature has a black, very hard shell with spikes coming out of it, and a fleshy bird-like head and legs. WIth a huge beak and daunting teeth, the Corpse Hunter can be very unsettling. Its insect-like arms are like sharp scythes that can do quite a bit of damage. They tend to feast on dead creatures but will hunt if needed and can be found in flocks of 5-10.

Size - 4 feet tall

Location: Uninhabitable Zone

Danger Level 4 - Very Harmful Creatures


Appearance: Ferocious ambush predators. Razor sharp teeth and claws are made to tear flesh, and their big noses help to track the scent of prey better. They live in packs consisting of one male as leader and several females with his children; males can contest each other's packs but the one with bigger horns tend to be the winner.

Size: A bit bigger than a fully grown lion; males are bulkier while females are leaner.

Location found: Jungles, sometimes plains

Guard Drake

Appearance: Guard drakes resemble a blue dragon in appearance, except stunted and wingless, with a squat and muscular build. Drakes are incapable of reproducing. They used to be made from other colored dragon scales but they were far more unstable and too aggressive than using a blue dragon's scales.

Size: Thier size is around 18 feet long.

Location found: Desert areas and Daka Island.

Additional Info: Guard Drakes are a dark elf creation using the scales of a dragon and a secret technique only known to a few of the highest ranking magic users, the scales necessary to create guard drakes needed to be given freely by the original dragon, unlike their dragon counterparts they do not have a breath attack but do have an electrifying bite and claws.


Appearance: - Avian carnivores with the muscular bodies of lions and the head, forelegs, and wings of eagles.

Size - Size of a large workhorse.

Location found: Mountainous or cliffy regions.


Appearance: - Avian carnivores with the muscular bodies of horse and the head, forelegs, and wings of eagles.

Size - Size of a large workhorse.

Location found: Mountainous or cliffy regions aswell as plains.


Appearance: - Ogres are hulking giants notorious for their quick tempers

Size - 20 feet tall

Location found: Cold regions, Coastal, Forests, Grasslands, Mountains, and Deserts.


Appearance: - A sphinx has the body of a lion with a humanoid head and feathered wings. Their faces have a mix of humanoid and feline features. This creature kills and devours those that can't solve their riddles.

Size - Size varies from 5 to 15 feet

Location found: In old ruins and tombs, guarding powerful or valuable artifacts.


Appearance: - Goblins are small, black-hearted humanoids with skin color going from a light blue/grey to green.

Size - 3-4 feet tall.

Location found: Despoiled dungeons and other dismal settings.


Appearance: A large, colorful bird that looks like an eagle. At first sight, a roc’s silhouette looks much like any other bird of prey. As it descends, however, its unearthly size becomes terrifyingly clear. In flight, a roc’s wingspan nearly rivals but is less than that of a phoenix.

Size - Slightly smaller than a phoenix

Location: Only in mountains in warmer areas.


Appearance: The peryton combines the physical features of a stag with razer sharp teeth and a large bird.

Size - It's size is relateable to a work horse

Location: Usually around areas with dense populations where it can watch and hunt travellers who leave the walls or safety of thier cites.

Additional Info: Although this monstrous carnivore feeds on any creature, it prefers humanoids, especially elves, demi-humans, and other similar races . When it kills a humanoid, a peryton rips out its prey’s heart and takes it back to its nest to be devoured. The peryton is a bizarre creature that blends the body and wings of a bird of prey with the head of a stag. Its strangest feature is its shadow, which appears humanoid rather than reflecting the creature’s physical form.


Appearance: The cockatrice appears as a hideous hybrid of lizard, bird, and bat.

Size - Similar to that of a Wyvern.

Location: Humid and warmer areas.

Additional Info: The cockatrice is infamous for its ability to temporarily turn flesh to stone. These carnivores have a diet that consists of creatures such as deer, goat, and smaller predators. They have a fierce and frenzied response to even a hint of danger. A cockatrice flies towards any threat, squawking and madly beating its wings as its head darts out to peck. The smallest scratch from a cockatrice’s beak may spell doom as the wound slowly turns to stone. The effects can either be waited out or cured using a medium red potion. Any damage to the stone wound will not be restored once made to flesh again.

Ebiseral Tiger

Appearance: They have green fur with yellow underbellies, making them capable of camouflage within the lush jungles of Avalia. Their distinct feature is the multitudes of yellow spines covering their back, granting them extra protection from other predators. Ebiseral tigers only stay with one partner for the rest of their life. If their partner dies, their spines are covered in sticky secretions filled with their scent and they rub their backs against trees at the edge of their territories to attract potential mates. They are ruthless and they will do everything to protect their territory. If one sees a tree stuck with yellow spines, be cautious.

Size - Females are just as big as a regular tiger while males could grow twice as big.

Location: Jungles.

Venriuk Viper

Appearance: This colorful predator is a solitary creature, only meeting others to breed during their breeding season. There can be around 25 in one area, but they only breed once every 5 years. These creatures have a venom called "Thing of the Deep." It is a goo-like substance that is stored in a sac behind it's large fangs. The venom acts as one of the most potent neuro-toxins known in Avalia.

Size - 10 to 24 feet long.

Location: Jungles and swamps.

Bleak Hound

Appearance: Bleak hounds are large pack creatures with no hair or eyes but an extreme sense of smell and hearing. Their breath fumes with toxic gases with a bite just as toxic. They tend to patrol the border of the uninhabitable zone, looking for those traveling in and out. The average pack is 10-20 in size but sometimes they do travel alone.

Size - The size of your average large dog.

Location: Uninhabitable Zone

Flesh Render

Appearance: This huge creature has a skeletal and a partially translucent body with a bony spine. It has a long, thin tongue and  pointed teeth. It also has a head of long, stiff hair. The bottom half of its body and very long tail is black. Through its many ribs, the vibrant and red, illuminated innards of its body can be seen. This creature spits a volatile glowing acid.

Size - 10 feet head to tail

Location: Uninhabitable Zone


Appearance: A manticore is a large, magical beast with the body of a lion, dragon-like wings, and a somewhat humanoid head. Its long tail has a cluster of deadly spikes, which the creature could launch at its foes as weapons. It had incredibly tough claws and fangs. Manticores are known to be savage man-eaters and allies of evil creatures. Manticores are intelligent creatures and often work beside other evil beings to bring strife and suffering to the world.

Size - 10 feet head to tail

Location: Mountains and Deserts.

Danger Level 5 - Extremely Harmful


Appearance: - Varies with the species and type of dragon

Size - Huge

Location found: Mostly around Daka Island Mountains but can be found in Forests, Oceans, Deserts, Swamps, and various other regions.


Appearance: - The hydra is a reptilian horror with a crocodilian body and multiple heads on long, serpentine necks. Although its heads can be severed, the hydra magically regrows them in short order.

Size - Huge

Location found: Cold regions, Coastal, Forests, Grasslands, Mountains and Deserts.


Appearance: - Phoenixes resemble a large orange or red eagle. They usually have flames coming from their bodies on their wings and tails and sometimes their back.

Size - Huge

Location found: Volcanic areas of Daka Island.


Appearance: - A wendigo is a strange, savage fey spirit appearing as a humanoid with a skull resembling a deer's and bipedal bodies. More a force of nature than a true fey.

Size - 6 - 7 feet

Location found: They travel the snowy regions of Daka. Wendigos move towards the south during winter with the winter winds, striving to feed their constant hunger.


Appearance: - Thunderbirds resemble a large black or dark blue eagle. (Only about ten live in Avalia. Thought to be from another land.)

Size - Huge

Location found: Mountainous regions

Polar Owlbears

Appearance: - Polar Owlbears are monstrous beasts with the bodies of bears covered in thick fur and feathers. Their heads were like those of owls, but with a serrated beak. They have white fur and feathers.

Size - A larger sub-species

Location found: Snow covered areas of Daka

Additional Info: This larger species is more violent and will actively hunt humanoids for enjoyment

Dread Predator

Appearance: - This huge purple creature has a very bone-like head and dangerous sharp-teeth. Long bone spikes come out of its back that it is able to shoot at enemies as well. It is very muscular and strong, able to crush down its prey with huge claws and keep them there. Its tail is heavy and can bat at you as well. It can be found in pairs or alone.

Size - The size of a large bear

Location found: Uninhabitable Zone


Appearance: A basilisk is an eight legged, reptilian horror whose deadly gaze transforms victims into porous stone. With its strong jaws, the creature consumes this stone, which returns to organic form in its gullet. This is one of the most dangerous creatures in Avalia due to even glancing at its glowing eyes can spell doom.

Size - 6-7 feet long head to tail

Location: Uninhabitable Zone


Appearance: These are large, winged sinuous creatures with similar hooved legs. They have a very sinister look and instead of relying on sight they rely on sensing movement in the area around them as well as their sense of smell and hearing. Goregryffs also have tendrils coming from their body to grab and catch prey as well as large hooked appendages to pierce flesh and tear it apart;their mouths are equipped with a venom that dissolves the flesh of creatures so they are able to drink the insides before feasting on the outside of the creature. They are excellent hunters and usually are found in herds of 3-5.

Size - The size of a large work horse

Location: Uninhabitable Zone

Crystal Brute Beast

Appearance: These four eyed hulking creature have thick skin and large crystals that are able to give it extra defense against incoming attacks. The crystals also provide a small resistance to magic. They tend to kill prey by ramming their body into them and usually killing on impact due to the size and weight of this creature. They can also trample them The crystal color varies with location and some have said they saw Brute Beasts with multi-colored crystals but have been considered a myth as nobody can truly confirm without a kill. The crystals on its body can also be mined.

Size - The size of a tank.

Location: Caves everywhere.


Appearance: This behemoth of a monster stands hunched forward and upon its 2 larger front arms. The front arms have 4 large fingers and a thumb with large knuckles to support its weight with each finger having large black claws that go up to its elbow while walking. While the entire lower half of the creature is that of a more canine build with multi-joint legs and a large smooth tail. The creature is covered with thick black fur and on the front of the arms, the head, and the back is a thick layer of white bone-like scales, while the shoulders, elbows, and leg joints all grow bone protrusions. The head is very large as it has a layer of bone scales covering the lower jaw and the entire top of the head allowing enough room for its small forward-facing eyes to see through. The mouth of the creature is filled with large sharp teeth and 2 thick tusks.

Size - Huge as they can stand anywhere between 8-10 meters

Location: Daka Island

Hammer Tail

Appearance: A large light brown quadrupedal creature that has many large grey stone protrusions that poke out of its back. These stone protrusions form in a uniform pattern all the way down its back to the tail, where the central ridge has larger standing spines. These stone protrusions also form upon the head where the stone will come out and form a mane-like crown that protects the head. These are produced by the Beasts body and will many times form strange images upon the stones as the veins of the Hammer Tail will grow and form within the stone sometimes leaving blood-red images where the veins are located. Yet where the beast gets its namesake is from the giant stone formation upon the tip of the tail, where this will normally be around 8 feet long, and 4 feet in diameter. It has a sharp angular face that has a set of forward-facing eyes and a set of thick sharp teeth.

Size - 8 feet tall while on all four legs and 20 feet long from head to tail tip.

Location: Deserts and Mountainous areas where lots of rocks can be found


Appearance: This gigantic green-skinned creature is protected by a hard, shell-like carapace of bony nodules upon its back and across its claws and head. They walk on six hardened, skin-covered claws, and had grappling hands on the connecting joints where the claw meets the arm. Its mouth is filled with razor-sharp needle teeth and has a small skin-like organ beneath its chin to sense electrical signals given off by its prey in the water. These beasts have stretchy stomachs that allow them to swallow larger prey and stay underwater for longer before needing to head back up for air.

Size - Stands at about 12 feet tall and are 10 feet long from head to tail tip.

Location: Jungle, Swamps, Marshland, and anywhere where water meets land.


Appearance: These semi-sentient hulking bipedal creatures come in various colors depending on their location. Vuothoran have a extremely thick hide able to survive being cut by most blades of various materials. They also have bony plates under their skin protecting their shoulders and back. Vuothoran have an excellent sense of smell and eyesight even having the ability to see through illusions created by magic, these creatures are usually feared if encountered due to their aggressiveness and territorial nature. Vuothorans mouth can fit an entire humanoid inside and is filled with sharp teeth. They also have large clawed hands with thumbs allowing them to grasp objects or debris that they will throw at anything they are hunting or attacking.

Size - 20 to 24 feet tall for a female and 26 to 30 feet for a male.

Location: Jungles, forests, and sometimes near the mountains dwelling in caves at the bottom.

Hygora Shrimp

Appearance: This monster of the deep has the appearance of a shrimp crossed with a shark. Its hard chitinous body is lined with bio luminescence to attract prey as well as a warning sign to larger predators. The most deadly part of it's body is the two raptorial appendages it uses to kill, making it extremely deadly with enough force to literally obliterate a humanoid on impact; It strikes with a speed close to 2,895 ft per second. When it does this, it boils the water and causes a shockwave in the surrounding area of impact as well as creating a flash of light hotter than the sun itself.

Size - 10-15 feet

Location: Seas and Oceans