Avalia Wiki

Calendar Days

  • Sunsday (Sunday)
  • Moonday (Monday) Townsday (Tuesday)
  • Wineday (Wednesday)
  • Thunderday (Thursday)
  • Fireday (Friday)
  • Swordsday (Saturday).

Calendar Months

  • Janeru. (January) / 31 Days
  • Febestas. (February) / 28 Days
  • Marash. (March) / 31 Days
  • Apurel. (April) / 30 Days
  • Maai. (May) / 31 Days
  • Juume. (June) / 30 Days
  • Jullei (July) / 31 Days
  • Auujest. (August) / 31 Days
  • Somtenver. (September) / 30 Days
  • Oktuvere. (October) / 31 Days
  • Novendeer. (November) / 30 Days
  • Desendar. (December) / 31 Days


Abertha- In the week before Haron, hunting is very prominent. This is a week of hunting and feasting to enjoy the sacrifice of the lesser creatures and give thanks for the resources of the world.

Haron(Moon Day)- A day that all partake in wearing costumes. It is close to Earth's Halloween and on the day that those believe the veil between the living and dead is thinnest. Parties are thrown and children run the streets in costumes. If they succeed in scaring an adult, they are supposed to be given a treat. Attempts are made often to contact the dead and people visit graves often on this day. People worship the moon on this day especially the dark elves. Demons also enjoy this holiday and like to cause mischief!

Kelrel(The Day of Lover's Embrace) - On Novendeer 23rd, when things are starting to get cold and dreary, the day of love comes to cheer you up! You are expected to do something nice for your significant other to try and cheer each other up.

Tirrus(Gift Day) - Humans had informed many of Christmas and Avalians took a liking to the idea of exchanging gifts and putting up decorated trees. On the day before New Year's Eve, all celebrate by exchanging gifts with family members and friends and feasting.

New Years- This is celebrated on Janeru 1st just as on Earth except the parties are probably a bit more extravagant and wild. Streets are filled with partiers and drunks and fireworks fill the sky at the stroke of midnight. Amoras drop free goodies as well.

Flura(Flower Day)- On the day of the Spring Solstice, everyone picks a flower to give to a friend or family. Those who did not give flowers are considered extremely rude!

Soller(Solar Day) - On the day of the summer solstice, many give thanks to the suns' power and enjoy the great weather by having swimming parties.

Familur(The Week of Family Growth)- The second week of July is considered the prime time to try to get pregnant. Your baby will be born in March, in time for babies to be born for the warming country so that they will not have to weather the winter at a fragile age.