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Baraian is a slender elven man with ashen colored skin. His hair is just below shoulder length and white in color. His eyes are red.

White clothing overall, including hood and coat. His attire is generally adorned with gold, often in the form of a golden skull. He also carries a hilted dagger and plenty of throwing daggers with him, sometimes also a sling with bullets.



⋆ Causing mass destruction ⋆ Laying ambushes ⋆ Winning fights


⋆ Counterespionage ⋆ Sadism ⋆ People who don't think for themselves


⋆ Aklenroth, the king of the realm. ⋆ Terneus, the governor of the light elves. ⋆ Soruklithbaal, The Dracolich.




⋆ Baraian is outspoken and generally will ask how others are feeling, aswell hearing their input provided there is such a moment. ⋆ He is selfless to the point where he must preserve his own life in order to keep Golden Death alive. ⋆ As kind as a dark elf could be. ⋆ While not being suicidally brave, he would try to save someone else if he believed it to be possible and it would serve his group's goals. It all depends on the scenario.

⋆ Baraian will very seldom lose his temper, he is as calm as people get. If he would somehow lose his temper, then it would mean something terrible would be about to happen. ⋆ Patience is something he has grown accustomed with. Considering his options and then taking appropriate action as he sees fit. ⋆ He is both brave and cowardly, he may rush in to save an ally while at the same time arrange an ambush to capture enemies or use poisons or other underhanded means to get a result. ⋆ Baraian only feels nervous if within close proximity to Aklenroth, or if his base of operations has been discovered by his enemies. ⋆ He is quick to react to situations, his quick thinking is one of his strong points. But sometimes his patience plays a part too, in that he ends up waiting before putting something in motion.

⋆ Baraian is cunning, but more so not the type who necessarily spends too long on making elaborate plans, he instead tries to stay dynamic, in order to handle things when everything does not go according to plan. ⋆ Being a dark elf will be a detriment often for him, but despite that he has a good hand with most people if they can overlook his race. He can make grand speeches if he tries, but doing so in a dark and grim manner. ⋆ He has no sense of humor at all. ⋆ He may have some traces of insanity which is attached to his hatred. ⋆ Baraian treads a middle ground of being hyper and laid back.



Leader of Golden Death

Current and Past Lover(s):

He carefully wards his heart against anyone who tries to get too close.


Baraian is a dark elf who resides in Roshmi, but the ones knowing his exact whereabouts are very few. What is known about him is that he leads a mysterious group known to the populace as 'Golden Death', it's members wear golden skull icons and seem to be specially interested in people who display hostility to Aklenroth.

Where they are generally sought out and never seen again by the populace, as if they just were erased out of existence. The group itself is in fact so mysterious that some even doubt it's actually existing. Those which go looking for said group have also never been seen again.

The dark elven population as well as all the other races residing in Roshmi have not had any outstanding issue with the group. Those which had have most likely disappeared to who knows where.

Gossip about them goes both ways, that they are loyalists and secret assassins of Aklenroth, while others think they are just a secret community of weirdos. Then of course there are also people who believe they are a rebel cell. But to most people, it is regarded as a group to stay clear of. If you speak out openly about hostility to Aklenroth they may very well find you and then you are never heard from again.

The group has at least existed for a hundred years according to elderly demi-humans which live in the city, who have had the fortune... or misfortune to see them.

Combat Information

Physical Strengths:

⋆ Very precise aim

⋆ Quick

⋆ Close-quarter fighting

Physical Weaknesses:

⋆ Cannot lift or wear heavier things

⋆ Lightweight, can be knocked back easily.

⋆ Light magic

Additional Information

  • His best ability is erebokinesis.
  • He is 156 years old.