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The Avian City can be found east of Roshmi. The ruler of Roshmi has domain over this city, but assigned a ruler or more so a governor for this area. Mostly avian and other flying species of demihuman live up here. Non-flying demihumans and other races can still visit as they have an amora dock to allow travel to and from. They have a small government building for the ruler and his advisors and much of the similar architecture found in Roshmi. Shops,temples, restaurants, merchants and residential areas are all found here. Law enforcement is strict here and they follow the laws of Roshmi and have similar culture. There is also notably an arena for flying sports.


The current governor is Talasi Brightfeather.

  • Master of Commerce is Master Haytham
  • Master of Transportation is Master Cain
  • Master of Industry is Mistress Talonis
  • Commander of the Skyguard, Augus Maximus
  • Master of Medicine is Master Palaren
  • Master of Communications is Mistress Swenia
  • Master of Utilities is Unnamed Master Alapre

The government runs like a democratic republic where representatives are voted in as well as the governor. Under Talasi, there are four mayors, one for each of the floating islands.