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Mermaids and other salt-water demi-human species can be found here. This is a big city that is mostly underwater and contains all the standard establishments found in a town: shops, markets, restaurants, bars, etc. The difference here that it is mostly only accessible to species that can breathe underwater. In a beautiful castle lives the mermaid rulers: Orion and Vera Oceanheart. Though they are supposed to answer to Roshmi, they are so far removed and isolated from the other demi-humans that most people just address them as the Mermaid King and Queen of the Aquarian Kingdom. They have two children: Kallan and Tigerlily Oceanheart. Tigerlily is expected to inherit the throne someday.


The seafolk here worship the Goddess Cari. She said to be a beautiful and powerful siren goddess who can lead the kraken to its destination on the grounds of karma. Tsunamis and whirlpools are said to be her doing as well. There are many temples in her name.


The Aquarian citizens do things their own way, rejecting land demi-humans to some degree, believing that things are better under the sea than on the land. They do not believe that those above the land understand the way of living under the sea and are often rebellious to the rulers of Roshmi. They are highly prideful and religious toward their own way of life. Respect of sea life is highly valued and even fish killed for food are blessed by Cari before eaten. Music, especially singing, is a big thing here as mermaids and sirens have beautiful voices that echo through the sea.

Above the Sea


Some buildings of the city reach high over the surface of the ocean. There are many canals

of water for creatures to travel through and meeting points for trade and political discussion.

There are docks for ships as well so that when discussion and trade is necessary with the

land folk, it can be done.