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The Aldrakh Orc Clan is known to be quite civil but often war with not only the Dugmaghord orcs, but also the dwarves nearby. They have been tending to side with the dark elves during conflict. They are the more populated orc clan and thus tend to have better resources, architecture.

They live in houses and buildings made from stone, metal and wood having a stable settlement and staying in one place. There are various shops and bars around that orcs frequent that are named simple and straight to the point names such as: The Tavern. They do have a meeting hall that also works as a court area to settle their disputes.


The Orcs here are raised at a higher standard than those of Dugmaghord, for the most part. All disputes are settled in a trial like those of humans. Here ranks are gained by a vote. They eat together and party together similar to that of Dugmaghord. They love to eat. Trading and selling here are held at trading posts and shops set up around the settlement. Items and supplies tend to have high value to them here. Gender roles do not exist at all here and all are equal. They will hold marriage ceremonies between two orcs that want to be together. They do not worship any gods but have festivities on holidays they created with music, games, and other thing they consider fun.