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7 Heavens of Mount Celestia


Celestia's first (bottommost) layer Known as the Silver Heaven, Lunia is the first layer travelers encounter. The sky of Lunia is a nighttime sky filled with stars that illuminate the layer with a silver glow. The color pools of the Astral Plane would deposit visitors in the surf of a vast ocean, the Silver Sea, full of clean, freshwater. The sky above Lunia is perpetually dark, filled with beautiful constellations of silver stars bright enough to illuminate the base of the mountain.


The second layer, Mercuria is known as the Golden Heaven because a warm golden light suffused everywhere. This layer contains the armory for the noblest warriors who came here for their eternal rest. If necessary, Mercuria was the marshaling ground for the armies of the Heavens.

Gentle hills and lush green valleys comprised this layer, which was also dotted with small settlements of archons and other good-aligned beings. Mercuria is known for its great tombs and monuments to noble fighters and paladins resting on the layer. These warriors are honored during an annual Day of Memory


The third heaven Venya, also called the Pearly Heaven, or Heaven of Pearls, is a lush and verdant land with crops, meadows, moors, hills, and rolling countryside all bathed in the soft glow from a sky reminiscent of the luster of white pearls. It is somewhat colder than the previous two layers, its slopes often seen covered with a gentle layer of snow. Peaceful brooks and carefully terraced fields were common on Venya.


Solania, the fourth heavan, has a sky that glows like burnished silver and is called the Electrum Heaven, or sometimes the Crystal Heaven. Its valleys are enveloped in mist, fog, and strange scents. The peaks are home to numerous holy shrines, including monasteries and magnificent cathedrals. Many of the slopes are rich in precious ores and minerals. Many pilgrims came questing to the roof of this layer in the hopes of finding answers to life's persistent questions.


The fifth layer Mertion is known as the Platinum Heaven, has a sky not too different from Solania's with vast plains and savannas. Instead of mountains, Mertion has majestic citadels and huge black spherical domes dotting the plains. Access to the next higher layer was found at the tops of the domes.


The sixth layer, Jovar, is known as the Glittering Heaven or the Heaven of Gems. Its hills are studded with precious gemstones that glitter in the light. This layer is actually a vault lined floor to ceiling with huge rubies and garnets that gave off a glow like a hearth fire.

A seemingly unending ziggurat is the home of the Jovarian archons and guard the entrance to the seventh heaven. Known as Yesteria, the Heavenly City, the huge seven-layered ziggurat display a large staircase on each face connecting the terraces of each layer. The stones that make up the city are made of precious gemstones, similar to those seen around the surrounding hills. On the topmost terrace is the bridge of al-Sihal, formed of pure light, where the portal to the topmost layer of Celestia, Chronias, is located, It is guarded by a powerful Being who judges who was allowed to enter.


The topmost and final layer of Celestia, Chronias is called the Illuminated Heaven. Little is known of its structure because nothing has ever been recorded by the few who have visited and returned. The legends say that Chronias is so good and lawful that it glowed of its own accord and any who entered had all evil and neutrality burned out of them, leaving them inherently good, if they survived.

It is thought to be the ultimate goal of the inhabitants of Celestia to ascend the layers one by one in order to reach Chronias, where their souls would join with the essence of the plane itself.